Communication and the Self-Concept Essay

Persons also uses reference groups to influence their self-concept and self-concept for example the media depicts an idea that women should be skinny and blonde and men should be muscular and have a tight butt, a lot of people in society compares themselves to these people and form a self-concept that this is how they must look in society in order to be accepted. There are two characteristics of self-concept 1 *subjective -persons are more critical of themselves when they are experiencing negative moods than when they are lining positive.


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Communication and the Self-Concept
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Resists change – whereby there is a tendency to cling to an existing self-concept even with evidence showing it is obsolete. Self-concept may become distorted because of obsolete information which is when effects of past failures lingers on, for example I could never be with a man again because my husband was a disaster. Distorted feedback is creating a self- image that is worse or better than factors warrant, self-verification is when people seek out persons who confirm our self-concept for example if a errors thinks they are stupid and hang around stupid people they are going to feel stupid.

Perfection is cause for negative self-concept is our emphasis on perfection and social expectations is when society rewards people who down play their strengths that we demand they possess . Self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person’s expectation of an event make an outcome more likely to occur then would otherwise have been true. There are two types of self-fulfilling prophecy: 1. Self-imposed is when a person’s own expectations influence their behavior. . One person to another is when other people’s expectations influenced your behavior.

Impression Management are communication strategies used to influence how others view them, for example perceived self is a person’s private self, a reflection of your self-concept and the person you believe yourself to be in moments of honest examination. Your presenting self is a person’s public image, the way we want others to view us, whereby a person seek to create a socially approved image . The presenting self is very important and is used for job interviews.

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