My Self Concept: Speech in a Brown Bag.

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Many people are reminded about a specific event or time period in their lives when they see an object or maybe go to a specific place. When reflecting back on my life I remember many different time periods of my life, each of which reminds me of a specific memory. Many items remind me of these memories. For instance when I was younger, among being constantly busy going to soccer practice or game and playing with my friends or occasionally doing school work. One thing that I remember doing quite often, was going snowboarding.

In my opinion snowboarding is one of the most amazing sports you can do, due to the exhilarating feeling that comes with it. The feeling of gliding over the snow at high speeds and then carving yourself into the mountain while you whip across the hill with the freezing cold wind on your face is the best feeling in the world. The feeling of the perfect mixture of complete peace and reckless danger tangled into one. An exciting thrill wholly described as bliss. This is why I picked a snowboard as the object I believe best represents who I was and what I loved to do during that time period in my life.

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A time period when I had the ultimate freedoms to do what I enjoyed. Childhood should be filled with fun, excitement, and laughter and I know that I most definitely experienced as much as I could. For my present day item to represent my life I believe the best object would be a bald eagle. A bald eagle is the top of the food chain, flying high above the trees as free as a bird. A bald eagle to me represents freedom. Freedom to do as I please just as the bald eagle flies as free as he can be. No one besides the eagle himself determines what path he may fly or what animal he may swoop down and devour.

Since I just recently moved to Orlando for college and at this time in my life I am experiencing the most freedom and flexibility my life has ever had. I think this is why an eagle would be the best item to represent me and my self concept at this time. I love the ability to do what I want whenever I want to. Before this time I did have an extensive amount of freedom but this is when it really dawned on me. The best artifact that I believe will probably best describe my future plans is a house. A house up for sale represents what job I hope to have in the future.

A career in which I will be my own man and control my own destiny by becoming a real estate broker. I plan to one day own my own real estate business and will be able to schedule my own hours and live my life as free as possible. So you may say that a house could be an artifact for everyone since the majority of students in our class will one day own one. But that’s in fact why I’d like to become a real estate broker, because almost every person eventually rents or owns their own house and I would like to be the person reaping the benefits of something called commission.

Throughout my life I have lived in a number of homes in two different states. I was born in Dunedin, Florida on September 1st 1989. I lived in Florida for 7 years and then my family and I moved to Pennsylvania when I was 7 years old. My life has been filled with ups and downs, of course, but memorable nonetheless. And what brings me back to these memories are three objects that represent my past, present, and future: a snowboard, a bald eagle, and a house.

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