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Guidelines for improving self concept

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Unfortunately, some people struggle because they lack a healthy understanding of who they are. They focus on their weakness and shortcomings, projecting a negative image upon themselves they believe is seen by others, luckily, the self-concept cab be changed for the better, although improving it will not happen overnight. It involves changing how you view yourself and that requires thinking and behaving differently. Consistently taking the following steps that will putout on the path to building a healthy self-concept. Discussion can recall a time when I was 16 years Old.

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Guidelines for improving self concept
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I finally became a candidate to articulate in the cadet academy in Jamaica. This was a very well known academy, and gave young men an opportunity to acquire the basic training to become a part of the Jamaican Police Force. Law enforcement has always intrigued me, and I knew one day would become a part of fighting crime. The spaces were very limited, and only the best were accepted in to this program.

I finally making the cut was really a success. When my parents came home from work that day, I was delighted to tell them the good news. Was full of energy as I explained to them I would finally be TABLE to pursue my passion as a cop.

They applauded me for being accepted but then their face changed, and was not prepared for what happened next. They told me I should not join the program. They told me the crime rate in our neighborhood city of Kingston, Jamaica was very high, and that the civilians were killing police officers left and right. They said they wanted to see me be successful in life and pursue what wanted, but now was not the time to do so. Therefore, because respect my parents, I rationalized their thoughts with my thoughts and came to the decision that I would not go through with the cadet training.

It was very hurtful but I did not want to disobey my parents, nor did want to risk my life at such a young age. It was a very hard decision to make, but I did it with hopes on possibly going to college and pursuing it in another aspect like maybe becoming an attorney. The guidelines for improving self-concept are some very good values with making life decisions. The first one says that I should “Make a commitment to Personal Growth” (wood, 2013, p. 53). If had applied this concept, I would have gone ahead and went with my dream of becoming a cadet officer, knowing that there is “tension that accompanies personal growth” (Wood j. 1 3, p. 53). If I would have used “Knowledge to support my personal growth ” would have checked the statistics myself to see exactly how bad the crime was at the time, and also find out how many officers had been killed. If I would have “Set goals that were realistic and Fair” (Woodward, p. 55). I wouldn’t have had any doubts in my mind that this was the proper move for me at the time, because it was very realistic to me And If I had “Sought of Contexts that support personal change”, I would have surrounding myself with people who were pro-law enforcement and who believed in my dream.

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