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Their brave faces stare back at me and my heart cracks a little. This war is so unnecessary. They shouldn’t have to fight, kill or be killed. Bravery’s hands wrap around my waist snapping my thoughts away from our army to him. Whisper, “Avery… ” As I turn around to face him. His sparkling blue eyes stare into mine and try as hard as I can to memorize his face: perfect eyes, smooth light skin, striking cheekbones and the bow of his lips. His eyes gaze into mine with a cold fierceness and shiver. His hands slid up my back and cradle my face, “What are you doing,” he asks as he attempts to smooth out the creases on my forehead with his thumbs.

You look like your trying to figure something out. ” “No. I’m trying to never forget you. ” try to say but it comes out as quite with a breath and my knees buckle from the wave of emotion that crashes upon me. Avery leans in and can see his light eyes darkening. “Don’t bother,” he whispers against my lips, “You wont ever have to forget. I’ll be here with you, forever. ” My breath catches and I take another moment to gawk at his beauty then lean onto my toes, closing the gap, and memorize the feel of his lips as well. A nearby explosion breaks us apart and sets the army on edge.

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Avery says, “We have to go soon,” as he Arabs my hand and walks farther out. I can’t look back at our soldiers. I can’t look into their faces, and then once again have to look at them dead. Let go of Bravery’s hand and pray it wont be for the last time. Feeling his eyes on my face, swing my sword and clench my jaw, trying to look brave. My world slows until it pauses and I tense, ready for flight. “Charge! ‘ pounce. In a short distance, my sword is hitting flesh of the dark creatures. I stab, and rip my way through their defense, always keeping an eye on Avery.

He is ministering. The sharpness of his face is enchanting yet daunting due to the fact he is covered in dripping blood. Something growls in my ear and my eyes whip to the right just in time to see a bloody axe swing for my head. I duck but hear the ring of metal slamming together. Looking up, see Avery standing above me with his sword in some creature’s belly. “Formation! ” he hollers, as he grabs the back of my leather armor to haul me up. I know what that means. I sprint following him and the closest 50 soldiers. We form a circle, our back touching.

I stand there as swarms of things, awful, evil things, come at us and wrench my sword into the stomachs and necks of every one of them. Feeling the lives drain out of my own soldiers as they are killed sakes my stomach drop to my toes. Men and Women keep falling to the soiled field. I can’t help but remember when this field was covered in tall trees and filled with so much life. There used to be an orchard of peach trees and grape vines sprawling for miles. And the grass was green, so green. At night lighting bugs would dance over the flowers. There were so many wouldn’t be TABLE to tell them and the stars apart. Seed to walk through the gardens to the fountain with Avery… A sword flashes across my vision and snaps me back to reality. Reflex and adrenaline kicks in and I get angry. I kill. I kill a lot, UT, too soon it’s just Avery and l. “Avery,” cry “l love you. ” If this is the end, that’s the last thing I will ever have to say. “Don’t… ” He starts to say and can see his heart break as set my sword tip down to drag on the ground. Time slows and I watch him start to run to me and just as his hand was about to reach my face, there’s a loud hum and the flaming sky is torn in half by a blue light.

I stand there looking at it, dumbfounded by what see until I am being jerked up and pulled towards the light. Can’t move and I can’t see Avery. As pray this will be something that saves us or kills us quickly, our castle, ablaze ND the battle down bellow slowly shrinks out Of view and blackness takes over the blinding blue. “Oh! ” I gasp as I feel the air getting knocked out of me. My cheek hits the carpeted ground and my vision is clouded for a second. I blink and Bravery’s bloody face floods my vision. “Avery! ” I pant, ‘Avery! ” I clamber over to him and start wiping the blood off with my sleeve. “Avery… Open your eyes. I cautiously start to take his armor off, looking for any wounds. “Please. ” beg. Bravery’s eyes fly open, almost instantly then. For a moment I am to surprise to say anything but finally I murmur, “Avery? Leaning up onto his elbows, he asks me, “Where are we? ” His voice is rough, dry. “l… Lam not sure. Are you okay? What happened? ” I grab his arms to help him up as he slides up onto his knees. “l don’t know,” Avery rubs my arms, looking for any injuries. “Elaine, are you okay? Does anything hurt? I’. “No, I’m fine. Really. ” I take his face in my hands and kiss him and kiss him again and again all over. L thought we were going to die. ” “l wouldn’t have let that happen,” a man with a deep voice says. I freeze and slowly turn my head around but Avery whips up, yanking me up with him, onto his feet, into defense stance. He pats his side, looking for his knife. Standing there in the door way is an old man and behind the old man is an old woman. They have gray hair and deep wrinkles. He pats his sides again but I guess his knife was left behind. Where ever ‘behind’ is. Avery widens his stance so I am fully blocked. “Who are you? ‘ Avery asks. “Phil. ” Says the old man. ‘And I am Jane. Adds the old woman. “And you my dears? “Avery Chase,” Avery points at me, “and Elaine Annoyer. Where are we? ” “Earth,” replies Jane again. “We brought you back. ” During their brief conversation observe the room were in. It has a long ouch, a couple big chairs and a big black box hanging on the wall. Above the couch is a painting that says, “Home Sweet Home”. Cane’s comment snaps my attention to her. ‘Back? What do you mean? ” I inquire. “It’s a long story. Jane, take them to the back bedroom while I clean up this mess they made. ” Phil said interrupts as he shuffles off to a side room.

Jane nods at us and begins walking down a hall. Avery pulls me along and I’m about to say something but his eyes make me think twice. Jane stops in front of one of the many doors. “This is your house? ” ask even though Avery eye flashed anger towards me. His arm tightens around my waist and his hand grips my hip a little too hard. Jane nods. “And the room we were in before was a living room correct. ” Jane nods gall. “l think I remember a little. ” ‘Do you? You have been gone a long time. ” Her comment puzzles me but Avery interrupts before I can question it. “Who are you? ” He says.

Jane simply shrugs her shoulders and says, “Jane, your guardian. ” Bravery’s hold compresses on me even harder now. I think Jane notices because she backs away and scurries down the hall. As soon as she is gone, Avery throws open the door, picks me up with just one arm, and stalks inside. Are you okay!? ” Avery doesn’t answer; he just glares at me and then storms over to the bathroom. I hear what sounds like rain until I remember it is a shower. They don’t have such things in the castle. Sighing walk overt the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. Another commodity that is not in the castle. “Avery? “What happened!? Why did we leave! Our army is probably all gone now! All those men and women, dead! ” He shouts over the top of the shower curtain. I wait to make sure he is done ranting. “1… 1 don’t know why Avery but, we would have died too if we had stayed. I’ He stays quite so I begin attempting to curb the blood off of myself in the sink. I try not to look at my reflection but give up. My curly brown hair is sticky with blood and drips on my face. Some of the dry blood already hardened my hair. I can hear the drops of blood fall onto the tile floor from my hair hanging on my lower back.

My blue eyes pop against all the red but my sharp cheekbones and distinct jaw line features are heightened. I scowl at myself and turn away from the mirror. I wait a little while for the shower turns off. Avery pokes his head out from behind the curtain, “Can you grab me a towel? ” walk over to another set of doors and mind a whole stack of white towels in there. “Here. ” say as I throw the towel over the shower curtain. Lean against the sink and wait for Avery to step out so I can wash off myself. He throws back the shower curtain and I can’t help but stare at his gleaming, wet body. I’m sorry,” He mumbles and ducks his head to kiss me as he walks out the door. Grab his arm before he can leave and lean up for another kiss, letting my hands slide across his chest and down his chiseled abs to the white towel around his waist. I give the towel a tug but Avery grabs my hands and chuckles, “I’ll go find some clothes. ” I sigh, bite my IP and go into the shower, trying to not notice how the water turned red as it is rinsed off my body. Alone, I let myself think about what happened a little. Traveling through time is a rough concept to grasp. I let my mind drift on as I use my fingers to comb through my knotted hair.

Finally, I shut off the water and step out. My wet feet leave perfect prints on the white marble floor. Grabbing a towel I walk back into the bedroom to find Avery, fully dressed, lying on the bed and a pile of clothes assume to be mine. Deciding getting changed was pointless if I am to sleep, just drop the towel; crawl onto the De and under the covers. I don’t know what time it is but am exhausted. Avery slides over and I bury my head into his shoulder, inhaling his smoky sent and the clean soap. “Your shirt is scratching my skin,” I whisper to him, already half asleep. Really? ” he whispers back. “Ohm… ” I slide my fingers under his shirt and smile when he raises his arms so I can pull his shirt off. I make sure to glide my fingers down the sides of his neck and across his chest until I feel the beginning Of his sculpted abdomen. Taking my time to slide my fingertips across every ridge, I finally make it to his pants line. I glanced up at his face. He has been watching. “Hard to resist? ‘ He mumbles. “Very,” But I just kiss his chest where his heart lay underneath and then set my head down there, listening to his lovely heart.

I fall asleep enjoying his warm skin touching mine but the feelings of guilt eating away at my stomach gives the moment a very bittersweet feel. >< In the morning I wake up on Avery's chest, our arms intertwined. "Good morning" he whispers. lean up on my elbows, my legs already straddling him and smile, "Good morning" The sun is streaming in from the wall length windows on either side of the large bed. "We haven't seen the sun for a while," I comment. Yeah, know. It feels nice. " My smile widens as I pull myself closer to his face. "It makes me happy. " " can tell," Avery quickly meets my lips with his own.

Our embrace tightens and we stay that way until our stomachs growl in unison. Chuckling, Avery jumps off the bed and swings around to pick me up. “Hungry? ” He asks before setting me down. “Very! Let’s see if Jane and Phil have some food. ” At the sound Of their names, Avery s eyes darken but he turns away too fast for me to see why. Quickly change into the tight black leggings and a longer royal blue tunic, and Avery pulled on his shirt. Pass by a mirror hanging on a all. My dark curls are spiraling off in all other directions. See Avery looking at me in the reflection. “Ready, pretty lady? He smirks and winks as he opens the door. I reach for his hand while I follow him down the hallway and into the living room. There is a faint red spot on the rug from last night. Can still smell the bleach too. Avery tugs me towards the kitchen, opposite of the living room. We walk in on Jane, preparing breakfast. “Morning dears! ” Jane greets us, “Your up early! ” “Really? What time is it? ” I ask. “About 6:30 a. M. ‘ “Oh! We must have gone to bed early. Thanks for everything by the way. Try to step forward but Avery moves his leg to block my way. I think Jane notices because an empty silence filled the kitchen.

After a few moments, Jane asks, “Do you care for oatmeal? ” am not entirely sure what that is but I nod and go to sit at the TABLE. Avery once again blocks my way. “Please sit,” Jane says to me but I know it is directed to Avery. ‘Thanks,” This time step around Avery and pull him down in a chair besides me. “Your home is much different than what ours was. ” I tell Jane. “How so? ” Jane starts adding what looks like grain to a pot. “Well, our kitchen was much larger but the fireplace took up cost of the room and we didn’t eat in there. ” “Where did you eat then? ” ‘Dinning room,” “If you don’t mind me asking what did you live in? She pours in something sweet smelling into the pot. It looks like syrup. “A castle. ” “Oh my! ” Jane Starts chopping strawberries. “l enjoy your home though,” It’s true. Her home is much smaller but more open. The windows are everywhere and very big. They only rooms that I have seen had doors on them are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen, for example, has an entire wall made out of glass. A mountain range covered in morning mist gives the white kitchen a slight glow. “Those are called a fridge ND stove right? ” “Yes dear, I’m glad your remembering. ” ‘Where is your husband? ” Asks Avery. “Right here,” says Phil in his gruff voice.

He shuffles into the kitchen in ratty slippers and a worn bathrobe. Plaid pants poke out of the bottom of the robe. “Morning honey,” says Jane as she places brown sugar, milk and chopped strawberries on the TABLE. “Oatmeal? ” “Yeah,” humps Phil. He sits down across from Avery. “Why were you wondering where was? ‘ “How did you ‘bring us back? ” Avery glares at Phil. I set my hand on his thigh to try to calm him down. “The blue light. ” ‘Why? ” ‘Didn’t want you to die did we now, Jane? “Ohm,” mumbled Jane as she sets down a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. “How. ” Demands Avery. NO One says anything for a while.

I watch Jane to see how she eats her oatmeal. She places the strawberries in her bowl and then sprinkles the brown sugar on top. I follow suit and eat quickly. “How!? ” Repeats Avery; this time the anger is dripping in his voice. Phil slams his spoon down on the TABLE, I jump. “God Dimmit! Why the hell does it matter!? ‘ I can see Bravery’s eyes ablaze and his lean body tightens. His thigh twitches under my hand. “It matters, ” Avery says slowly, “cause I want to go back. ” I gasp, surprised. I didn’t think there was anything to go back too. “You can’t. ” Phil says bluntly. Avery pushes back his chair and rudely strides out of the room.

He didn’t touch his oatmeal. “I’m sorry. ” I tell Jane and Phil, “l am so sorry. ” I run outside in the chill morning to locate Avery. I find him outside standing at the end of a long paved road that leads to an even bigger paved road outside of a golden gate with the misty mountain range in the background. I’m sure there is thousands of birds out here because their chirping is almost deafening. “What’s this called? ” asks Avery as he scuffs his shoe against the pavement. A road and a driveway, think. ” I reach out to grab the back of his shirt. It’s different than the shirts he usually wore at home.

This one is a dark blue, baggier and shorter at the waist. I wrap my arms around his waist and nuzzle my nose against the crease in between his shoulder blades. “Avery? Why din ‘t you tell me you wanted to go back? ” “l figured you felt the same way. ” I pause, “l do but…. Its not safe. ” I make sure to choose my words carefully. He steps forward so my arms fall back to my side. For an instant I think he will walk away. Rather, he turns around, reaches forward and wraps me inside his own arms. L know it’s not safe,” his lips brush against my forehead, “and you’re my number one priority.

If anything threatens your safety… ” He doesn’t bother to finish the sentence. I start smiling. “Why are you smiling?! ” Avery asks, surprised. “Nothing… L just caught myself smiling for no reason… Then I realized was only smiling because of you and that made me smile even more. ” I lean my head up and his sweet lips meet mine. It mixes with the warm sun and slight mist. “We need to talk to Phil,” my lips brush against his as I speak. “No,” “Why,” Avery jerks his head away. “Because he can tell us why we can’t get back home, and what would appended if we some how did. I know I am making sense; Avery is just too stubborn to do anything proactive about the situation, besides yelling. “Fine,” Avery grabs at the fabric around my stomach and roughly smashes his lips against mine. “Good! ” I grab his hands and start walking back to the front door. Just before I near the door, Avery yanks me back behind him. I wonder if me being behind him has to do with his comment about my safety from before. As Avery sets his foot down on the front hall rug, Cane’s head pops out of the kitchen. “Hello dears! Phil is in the study,” I have no idea how she knows We are even back in the house looking for Phil.

Avery obviously doesn’t know either because he twists his torso so I am even more blocked. Sight at that and I can see his eyes roll at me. “Where’s the study? ‘ Bravery’s question sounds more like a threat. I slip my finger though his belt loop and yank a little. He doesn’t need to be so rude to Jane. Personally like her; she seems sweet and kind-hearted. “Third door down the hall,” I think Avery intimidates Jane for she quickly ducks her head back into the kitchen. Actually, Avery intimidates everyone so of course Jane is intimidated. I follow Avery until we each the third door, which has a door instead of an empty archway.

Just as Avery is about to knock, Phil swings open the door. “Can I help you? ‘ He asks. “We need to talk,” Is all Avery says, all Avery needs to say. Phil steps back and ushers us into his study. The study has a huge, deep brown desk, a white couch; a wall covered by a bookshelf and then the back well was another. The light gray wall reflects the still gray morning. Phial’s electric clock only said 7:34 a. M. Avery takes a seat on the couch and I curl up next to him. “l am sorry about this morning” Avery says it through his teeth but am glad he says it. Understood,” Phil grunts as he slides into the chair behind the desk. L imagine you’re asking for a way back. ” I know my face must portray the shock but Avery remains solid. “Yes, is there? “Not that know of. I was never told of how to get you back, just how to bring you here. ” “How exactly were you TABLE to get us back? ” Phil points at a clear glass bowl filled with water, sitting on his desk. “I could see you were in trouble, so just summoned you. ” ‘You can summon us? ” I know Avery doesn’t like the concept. “Well, technically only when your life is in jeopardy. ” “How would you know? ” l can see you through that,” again Phil points at the bowl. “So, you know everything about us? I butt in. “No, do not have the time to watch your lives. I am notified when valuTABLE things are happened in your world” “By the bowl…? ” Avery inquires almost sarcastically. “Correct. Quite frankly, would love to know more. It has been almost 50 years since last saw you two. ” This time my jaw drops and the shock is visible in Bravery’s face too. “What? ‘ we say in unison. Phil looks a little overwhelmed, “Well, time here, on earth, is much faster than where you were. How many years for you was 50 years for me? ” “4 months,” mumbles Avery who looks a little nauseous. “Ohm, yes well…

I was only 29 when you left and look at me now. ” “How did we leave? ‘ I wonder out loud. “You don’t know? ” Phil asks in a disappointed mannerism. “No… ,” I am confused, “Should we know? ” “No, its just I don’t know how you left either. You just disappear. It wasn’t your first time though. You have been leaving for a very long time. My family has been keeping you save all that time. I do believe this is your 206 time back on Earth in the past 700 years. ” “Why don’t we remember any of this? ” Avery practically yells. Know why this would bother him so much. He likes knowing, feeling that he is in control. You have been gone for almost 50 years… Your world is so different than mine. Maybe even you are supposed to forget. ” “Wait, are we human,” ask. “In a way. Your DNA is slightly altered but that allows you to travel time and pass through different dimensions. ” I gulp and look out the giant window. Can see the bulbs on some trees on the mountain and hear a rock fall of a cliff even though no man or woman should have the ability to see and hear miles away. “And I’m guessing, why we have heightened, abnormal senses. ” “Yes. ” “You’re different too,” I guess. Bravery’s head whips around to stare at me. “Yes… Not like you though.

I have the ability to read the future. I know what’s going to happen before it does. ” “Can Jane? ” ask, thinking back to the times she seemed to know what I was going to do before I did it. “No, she just picked up things that I observe that help predict the future. ” Avery speaks, “You saw that we were going to die. ” Phil just looks out the window and the sun starts to peak over the mountains. Broke the silence, “If we were about to die, then if we go back, we will die? ” “If you go back now, yes you will die. If you wait here and if you go back later, o may not die,” Phil still has his eyes trained out the window. What about everyone who is there now? ” Avery voice cracks a little and I can tell he is getting emotional. “Most of them are dying as we speak or will die later,” Phil is honest, too honest. Avery clenches his fists together and slip my arm around to the front of waist. To comfort him or restrain him, I don’t know. When no one said anything more, pull Avery to let him know I was leaving. “Thanks for talking to us Phil,” I tell him as we are walking to the door. The door slams behind us but Avery and stand outside of the door for a couple seconds. Realize Avery is in shock. Lull him back to our room.

I watch him walk over to the bed, clamber up and fall face down onto a pillow. Sighing, I jump on the bed. I kneel down by him and he flips onto his side. His arm slides around my waist to pull me down beside him. Wrapping my own arms around his neck, I bring myself even closer so every inch of my body can touch his. Pressing my lips against his warm neck, mumble, “l need you with me, safe. Right now, where we are is safe. ” I watch his shinning eyes watch the omniscient blue sky through the window as he said, “They are all going to die because we left. ” squeeze myself even closer as if to draw his pain into me.

For a moment, can’t think of anything to say. I agree with what he said but if we hadn’t left, I knew one of us would have died as well. I let my finger trace his veins, prominently pulsing on his neck, until I reach his cheek. Slowly his eyes meet mine and all I Can say is, “l love you. ” >< Each step I take splits my heart farther and finally when I am miles down the rode, I am sobbing from the pain of having my heart shattered into a million pieces. scream out loud whenever the thunder crashes above my head. I pretend that it's the anger I feel making its presence to the entire area.

I look p and see all the singular rain drops fall from the sky even though Its pouring so hard to a normal human it would be impossible to even see their hand in front of their face. I just close my eyes then, and stand there. I stand there for hours and stand there until the sun set and stand there until the sun rises again. The rain never let up and I let myself believe that the sky was crying along with me. My skin radiated heat and could hear the cold rain sizzle as it hit my skin. All of a sudden, I whip around and sprint as fast as I can down the winding smooth black road. I’m flying.

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