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Creative writing worksheets

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  • Pages 4
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    To describe the whole situation in one rod I would have to choose nausea. The Expo center was packed with societies elite, eagerly… Creative Writing: Jimmy Valentine the Safe Cracker Creative Writing: Jimmy Valentine the Safe Cracker As Ralph D. Spencer strolled down the sidewalk, he knew of a few things he had to do. For he liked being Ralph… Creative Writing: Life as a Hummingbird Creative Writing: Life As A Hummingbird I eased behind the huge mass of nesting material and took a firm hold of several strands, I then pulled back, quickly, to pull…

    Creative Writing: the Meadow Creative Writing: The Meadow On a crisp autumn afternoon, I sat idly under n enormous oak tree watching as a whirlwind whisked across the rolling hills of the… 1984 Cilia’s Story Creative Piece Baked a stern voice called from above. Her weary eyes slowly began to open. It was absolutely bright, however no windows were visible. Only electric lights running endlessly in parallel lines covered the ceiling of the hall. She was… 859 Words Pages 5. 7 Liter Superstore Finally! Almost there.

    I’ve been in this pick-up truck driving to work for the past 20 minutes, yet it seems like hours and hours have passed. It’s really hot outside and this old truck doesn’t even have air conditioning. Anyways, the reason… 942 Words pages Creative Writing: a Day at the Park Creative Writing: A Day at the Park It was a day I was subconsciously waiting my whole life for, but I didn’t realize it until it was happening. The day was August 8… A Week of Relaxation As I drive over the Wright Brothers Memorial Bridge, my excitement builds. I’m almost there a cottage nestled in the sandy beach of Nags Head, N. C.

    Not even fifty yards from the ocean, it is closer to the water than any of the other… 302 Words Pages Being Eleven Yep! If you are reading this you’ve probably already conquered the mulattos eleventh year of your life. However, if you are ancient you have probably forgotten all about being eleven, so here are the advantages… 510 Words Pages Being My Own Advocate “Oh my, Lauren, I can’t believe my eyes! ” This is all I could hear ringing in my ears when my parents opened my report card. You see, growing up dyslexic, I always needed to work harder, and I did so successfully until I began high school… 92 Words Pages Being Pregnant Through out my teenage years I always had it made. Had security, support of my family, and other things. When turned 16 1 had found out something that loud change my life forever, I was pregnant. As a teenager I was anorexic… 929 words pages Boys Will Be Boys A magnet elementary school has its advantages and its disadvantages. In my case, my family saw that it had more advantages than disadvantages, very diverse in ethnicity, cheaper than private schooling, no dress codes, and so forth.

    With all this… 530 Words pages Bubble, Squeak & a Nuclear Explosion Once upon a time there were two rabbits called Bubble and squeak. They were best friends, every day they would play together, chase mice and go exploring. One day, they went further than they were supposed to. Hey came to a strange place. It was… 280 Words Pages Celebration of Multiculturalism Celebration on Multiculturalism Reduces Racism Racism is a certain kind of prejudice, based on faulty reasoning and inflexible generalizations toward a specific group.

    The word prejudice comes from the Latin noun prejudicial, which… 418 Words Pages Childhood Memories (Grandma) In the cold, brisk airs of China, Wee Lam Woo walks in the fields with her parents. She wears old sandals made of bamboo that are worn-out from hiking across acres of crops. Her clothes are thin and ineffective to the temperature of the season… 35 Words Pages Creative Writing: the Most Important Day of My Life Creative Writing: The Most Important Day of My Life The most important day of my life had just happened recently.

    It all started out when some friends and I were… Competition Is a Bane YOUTH. The Period of Possibility, when Archimedes finds a fulcrum,An Athenian creating a history that will’ be carried forward in all the futures in form of Marathon,Milton deciphering the love…… This all no where witnessed any sort of… 375 Words Pages Conquering Of Fears For as long as could remember I have had a chronic fear of crashes at high peed and that my best friend Joseph has never feared anything. He would jump off the Eiffel Tower if he got the chance.

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