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Crime Causation and Diversion Essay

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According to Crime Solutions (2012) “in 2009, courts with juvenile jurisdiction disposed more than 1. Million delinquency cases” (Para. 1). Many communities in Texas are looking for ways to stop juvenile criminal activity from happening by having a diversion, intervention, and prevention programs in their communities. In this paper the readers will compare two juvenile diversion and an intervention programs that will help readers understand that these programs will help reduce crime in communities across the United States.

How do the programs work to reduce juvenile Crime The Pre-trial diversion program in Texas has helped to reduce juvenile crime cause it helps divert the case and channeling it away from justice system in juveniles to a program that will help rehabilitate the juvenile back to society without further prosecution from the courts.

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This program helps many juveniles who are time offenders to the juvenile court system. For example, each county in Texas will determine how the pre-trial program will be administered in their respective counties.

According to Temple (2011 “the details of these programs will vary greatly from county to county, but there are two general diversion programs utilized by most counties: the First Offender Program” (Para. 3). In the first offender program, the juvenile is required to complete programs by attending counseling and educational classes. In most cases, the juvenile has to pay back restitution and also complete some type of community service. Upon completing the program and if the juvenile does not get in trouble the case will be closed and not referred to juvenile court.

The prevention program called the Community Youth Development Program (CODY), helps reduce juvenile crime in areas of the state where crime is high. Some of the juveniles have not committed the rimes. This prevention program serves the youth until the age of 17. This program is designed for youth that are at risk Of being involved in a crime. It also benefits youth, whose cases have been deferred and pre-adjudicated (The Children’s Shelter, 2012).

What are the programs’ major goals, objectives, and core beliefs The Pre-trial diversion program the major goals, objectives and core beliefs are to provide an advocacy and outreach diversion program to youth from entering the justice system in the juvenile court, but rather as first time offenders have them do community service, pay restitution and have their cases adjudicated upon completing their counseling and training. The Community Youth Development (CODY) is a prevention program. The goals and objectives is to reduce crime rate from happening in the community by having a positive outlook on the youth the CODY is assisting.

For example, in Texas the goal of this program is to reduce crime incidence in juveniles. Who are the key participants in these programs? The key participants in the Pre-Trial diversion program are juveniles who eave come in contact with a police officer. However, teens that are first time offenders go through the Pre-trial diversion program instead of going through formal processing by the juvenile courts. A parent or a guardian is asked to participate in a diversion program as this will enhance communication with the juvenile and their parent.

It also provides parents on how to show support for their child or children. The key participants in the Community Youth Development (CODY) prevention program are youth who are at high risk of committing a crime. By paving the CODY prevention program, the community will benefit as well as the youth participating in the program What services do they provide to youths? The services that Pre-Trial diversion program provide the youth are an opportunity to rehabilitate back to the community by helping the troubled youth to give back to the community by being productive.

Once the youth has completed their training, community services, and paid their restitution their case will be adjudicated. According to Laws. Com (2013) it “provide individual, group, and family counseling services; oversee the payment Of victim estimation by diverted offenders; assist diverted offenders in identifying and contacting appropriate community resources; provide educational services to diverted offenders to enTABLE them to earn a high school diploma or GEED; and provide accurate information on how diverted offenders perform in the program to the court, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and probation officers” (Para. ). The services that the Community Youth Development (CODY), a prevention program provide the youth with “Youth Based Curriculum Activities, Family Based Curriculum Activities, Family Focused Services, Recreational Services, Academic Support Services, Life Skills Classes, Mentoring Youth Leadership Development, Youth Advisory Committee Business” (The Children’s Shelter, 2012). Identify which program Of the two is more effective reducing juvenile crime. Why?

I think the Community Youth Development (CODY) prevention program is effective in reducing juvenile crime. The youth participating in the program are at high risk of committing a crime. Some of the youth participating in the program do not realized they are participating in the program is designed to revert crimes because of the positive outlook the program has on youth. Conclusion Since crime is being committed by youth in every city, county and state across the United States from different backgrounds and race.

It is very important for youth to participate in the diversion, intervention, and prevention programs in their communities so that they can be productive members of society. The juvenile justice system works with many programs to assist the youth from entering the court in a formal proceeding, but rather want youth to participate in programs that will prevent the juveniles from Ewing habitual crime offenders. In Texas, the Pre-Trial diversion program has helped many troubled youth from committing crime over and over again.

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