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Cyber Crime and Privacy

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Have you noticed that today the Internet becomes the main meaner of communication and education considering each perspective? Everyone “surfs” on the Internet “chats” on the Internet… And the slang concerning the Internet has already been deeply rooted in societies worldwide. It is widely accepted and its drawbacks are completely neglected. Generally, the whole latest inventions, dating from ass hither are uncritically established. Observe that the prefix “cyber-“is interwoven in the society as well. Thus, we have cyberspace, cybercafé©, cyberspace, cybercafé…!!

Maybe this last one will cause you to Jerk a bit.

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Cyber Crime and Privacy
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Cybercafé does exist and many people have already experienced it. If you ask these people their opinion about the Internet, you will gain an unexpected answer. People entering the cyberspace usually change their identities. It can be compared with masks people put in real – world life. This phenomenon is called ‘split identities”. The very reason for this is that people feel more comfortable and in position to say things they usually do not, to lease their wishes and to some extent to fulfill themselves.

People shy by their nature can be quite communicative on the Internet. But the things are not as plain and simple as they seem. Someone somewhere intentionally changes her/his own identity to disturb people and create a dose of fear in them. They are those who try to upset everyone no matter what age their victims are. Unfortunately, they succeed in upsetting them. As an example you have pedophilia. Majority of children are faced with pedophilia right over the Internet. Their privacy is highly Jeopardized as well as heir lives.

Police find this to be a good method for tracing people with abnormal sexual attraction to young children. Just think what the consequences can be for a child to meet a pedophilia. And there are hundreds of them connecting to the Internet this very moment to find a pleasure for their illness. Cyberspace makes people feel more comfortable to express themselves freely. In the light of this some people have no limits. They believe they have power over others and they treat others in such a way. Imposing opinions, threatening, abusing privacy are common things.

We are aware that everyone can make a contact with us and since we are used to it we do not think about what can happen. People in cyberspace are free of shame. As a result we have the appearance of cyberspace where people make love over the Internet using words and . “… Net surfer can be as romantic and erotic as much as he wishes on- line where no one sees him for who he really is”, says Annealed Nitwit. But on line you do not meet normal people only, who know where to stop and draw a line. Many women are the victims of “raping” over the Internet.

And when you imbibe this with a fact that abuser’s look and name are not known and perhaps would never be, it seems more frustrated than it already is. There is another problem concerning menace of privacy. This problem is well – known as “hackers”. They are the people who have a great knowledge of computer system and its functions. In spite of the fact that they are considered “the brains” of a country, they nave toner “moments AT weakness”. It Is not an unusual tank to near Tanat knackers robbed a bank. In fact, they do that every day.

Beside that, they are able to destroy information systems of other computer uses or even of some governing institutions. And things as these become more frequent each day. Interestingly enough is the fact that they cannot be easily caught, but they are able to enter your e-mail and change it without suffering any kind of punishment. This is the most frustrating thing. Unfortunately, an unwanted interruption of any kind is something which we as individuals must deal with by ourselves. It would not be a solution to stop using the Internet because of these things.

However, a persona has to be aware of these things ND know the consequences they bring. Consequences of these kinds of attacks on a person are diverse. Some people visit psychologists; others suffer from paranoia, a number of cinematographic persons increases, appearance of split-identity persons and disorder manifested as a conflict of the two personalities one has in his/her own body and other physical and mental damages will become common thing. The Internet breaks literally all the boundaries no matter good or bad. Are there any rules set considering that everyone can say and do whatever they want to?

Indeed, some things should be prohibited in order to have a healthy society. As you can see, the well-known saying “Every rose has its thorn” is true. The Internet is the invention of millennium but do not be misled. Cyberspace is decidable. You cannot know who is waiting for you behind the corner. Thus the Cyberspace resembles ever more the real world and being as such, you cannot say that you are well protected while on the Internet. Even though you do not feel the physical abuses, you suffer mentally which can result in even more serious consequences.

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Cyber Crime and Privacy. (2017, Sep 07). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/cyber-crime-and-privacy/

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