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Safety and Security in Era of Cyber Crimes

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It is generally seen that , the use of internet in any county of the world is growing rapidly-lat has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of – be it entertainment, business, sports , health or education. However, one of the major disadvantages of internet is cyber crime. Which is an illegal activity that committed on the internet and this includes email espionage, credit cad fraud ,spam, software piracy download illegal music, steal money from online bank account and so on .

T also includes non monetary offenses such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers and posting influential business information on the internet. Basically cyber crime can be divided into three major categories such as cyber crime against person, cyber crime against property and cyber crime against government.

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Safety and Security in Era of Cyber Crimes
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Cyber crime against person includes various crimes like transmission of child pornography, indecent exposure, harassment of any one with the use of email or websites where the asked to enter password , phone number ,address , credit card number , bank account number and other information that are needed to steal another parson’s identity furthermore, these type of harassment can be sexual, racial, religious ,on gender nationality or other and often occurs in chat rooms , through news groups and by sending hate emails to interested parties.

And these types of crimes badly affect to the younger generation which sometimes leave irreparTABLE injury if not properly controlled . The second category of cyber crime committed against all forms of property including computer vandalism which distraction of others property , transmission of harmful program , stole the technical data base from other arson’s computer with the help of a corporate cyber spy . The third category of cyber crime related to crimes against government cyber terrorism is one of the example if this category.

The medium of cyber space is being used by individuals and groups to threaten the international governments as also to terrorize the citizens of a country and some times cracks into a government or military maintained websites . Lat is a terrible felling to know that a stranger has broken into someone’s computer system without his or her concern and has tampered with precious confidential data and information . Cyber crime covers a broad scope of criminal activity. The examples above are only a few of the thousand of crimes that are considered as cyber crimes.

When a computer and internet have made our life easier , it is unfortunate that people also use these technology to take advantages of others-therefore we users should be very careful and we should not disclosed any personal information on the internet or use credit cards and if we find any thing suspicious in emails or fifth system is hacked , it should be immediately reported to the police officials who investigate cyber crimes ether than trying to fix problems by ourselves .

Again we should use different id or password and avoid writing them down. Again we should make the password more complicated by combining letters , numbers, special characters and change them on regular basis. Besides we should activate firewall , use antivirus and block sparer attacks. Cyber crime is a multimillionaire problem which has to be tackle effectively not only by the official but also by the users by cooperation with the law. , it should be firewall , use antivirus and block sparer attacks.

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