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Your learning style reflects Essay

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Reflection on my learning styles Learning styles are the different ways people learn and how they approach information. Everyone learn in their own specific way, although we all share some similarities in the way we learn, be it patterns, technique, preferences etc. One theorist called David Kola published his learning styles in 1984. Kola created a four stage learning style called ‘The experiential learning style’. This includes: Concrete Experience (doing/having an experience), Reflective Observation (reviewing/reflecting on the experience), Abstract

Conceptualization (concluding/learning) and Active Experimentation (planning/trying out). McLeod, S. A. (2010). Kola’s Learning Styles and Experiential Learning Cycle – Simply Psychology. Retrieved from https://www. Cosmologically. Org/learning-kola. HTML I took a few questionnaires to determine my learning style, I took the VS.. Questionnaire along with Kola’s learning style inventory. Kinesthesia learners generally learn using their body and senses. Personally am a Kinesthesia learner. Think this may be because I am a dancer, therefore I find it easy to learn by movement, senses and gestures.

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Your learning style reflects
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I would rather learn by being practical rather than just sitting down taking notes etc. When there is a lot of energetic moving around, it really grabs my attention and makes me listen. I prefer a lecturer that moves around, talks loud and involves students, it makes me want to involve myself also. Didn’t really focus on what type of learner am until started reading about all of the different styles of learning there are. It is very evident to me now that this is how prefer to learn. There are many Kinesthesia learners now that education is becoming more hands-on.

My tragedy for being a Kinesthesia is to not worry about spelling or neat writing but to concentrate more on jotting down important bits and maybe draw pictures or diagrams to help me remember it. Another way learn is visually. Never take anything in if I doesn’t involve anything visual. For example maybe a diagram or picture etc. When reading books, father are any pictures tend to analysis them first and then read the text. Most of the time I find myself scribbling or doodling whilst in a lecture. For me this actually helps me take in what they are saying.

It may seem like an ignorant thing to do but actually doodlers may be listening more than others. I find it extremely difficult to learn with no visual aspects in front of me. I’d prefer loads of colors, images and diagrams to communicate with others. Visualization comes efficiently to me. I think if when you have learned something and then you go to a different environment to where you had learnt that information and you see or visualize pictures it would help you remember specific information about a previous class. I would like to develop into an all round learner. To do this I need to study each learning style and adapt to each one.

I need to research every style there is, and incorporate it into my work and how I learn. As visual, audio and Kinesthesia is one learning style, audio is my blockage. I find it quite difficult to learn through listening alone. There are many things I could develop into a all round learner. These are: To answer questions orally, use repetition to memorize, recite information aloud when I’m studying (I. E. , facts, spelling tape recorders to record and play back lessons, participate in small and large group discussions before working independently and Study in groups.

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