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The student DRP summarizes Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter to the clergy men about the reality of racial segregation in the 1960s. King employs pathos, ethos, and logos to bring out feelings of empathy, indignation, and pride. The letter establishes King’s credibility as a leader and uses elaborate phrases and strong words to emphasize the injustices faced by African Americans in Birmingham. King remains optimistic and respectful in his response to critics, demonstrating the importance of treating others with respect. The letter is a lesson in empathy, justice, and distinguishing between good and bad in society, and is still relevant today in the fight against racism.

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DRP. Martin Luther King Jar. ‘s letter glances into the actuality of racial segregation in the sass. King writes this letter to the clergy men and intends to address the concerns regarding the wisdom and timing of the nonviolent demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama that King and other leaders arranged and carried out in 1963. King employs all three types of appeals, pathos, ethos and logos in this letter to the clergy man. DRP. Kings letter brings out feelings of empathy, indignation, and even pride.

Besides explaining the reasons behind him being in Birmingham, MILK shows hat he is an excellent leader: “l have the honor of serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. ” He talks about how he is involved in several affiliated organizations and the organizations are operating in many different states. “l am here because I have organizational ties here. ” MILK is showing that he is smart enough to hold all these leadership positions, and will thrive in these positions, thus establishing credibility.

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MILK uses many elaborate phrases in his letter to the clergy man. Like the way he words these phrases, they sound intelligent. “Injustice anywhere sis threat to justice everywhere. ” “Whatever affects one directly, affects everyone indirectly. ” These got me thinking, and also to made me believe that MILK is smarter than he is made out to be. The use of strong words like justice and destiny also got me, the reader heated up and I believe other readers would feel the same.

At last MILK gave some concrete evidence for his reasoning to act out against what was occurring in Birmingham. He says that Birmingham is extremely segregated, blacks are treated unfairly and even violently, and that injustices towards Negroes in this city are plentiful. MILK makes the reader strongly feel empathy and indignation, and also pride. It may seem unfair to connect pride with a situation overflowing with suffering and injustice. Would anyone have blamed DRP. King for being angry with this situation?

I don’t think they would even challenge him on this. King made a conscience choice to remain optimistic, and to address those who questioned his reasoning. He lays it out for how he will respond to his critics in the introduction of this letter: “l want to try to answer your statements in what I hope will be patient and reasonTABLE terms. ” This demonstrates Kings ointment to treating each other with respect. Even as he finds a gap in their argument, he maintains his position, “You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham.

But, your statement am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. ” While DRP. King is proving the accusations against him to be wrong; he is still TABLE to be gracious. This is a great moral can personally relate to this. An attack on our ideas should not be answered in anger or hostility. King proves that reason and respecting other is a far more successful approach. DRP.

King carefully thought out and filled his letter to the clergy man with lessons for all people regardless of what their background or ethnicity is. This letter should demonstrate empathy to those enduring struggle, to be a means for justice, and to distinguish between the good and bad in our society. King makes the reader feel overwhelmed by the many emotions is his letter. This was written fifty years ago, and this kind of thing is still happening in our society today. Not so much the segregation but the racism happens every day even if people don’t recognize it.

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