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Tea Bag-Packaging Machine by Tieback

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The invention of the automatic tea bag-packaging machine by Tieback in 1949 revolutionized the tea market with the double-chamber tea bag. It meant that production volumes could be increased dramatically. Today the latest generation of these machines is capable of production speeds of almost 400 tea bags per minute, i. E. Some 4 billion per year. The tea bag produced on Tieback machines is the most sold double-chamber tea bag in the world.

Important benefits are that it has considerably larger space between the two bag chambers and offers maximum tea bag stability and durability without adding glue or heat ailing.

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Tea Bag-Packaging Machine by Tieback
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The popularity of this practical tea bag has continued to grow, for example, in Germany 82 per cent of tea sales are in double-chamber tea bags; in the United States the figure is about 90 per cent and in Europe, if you omit the United Kingdom, the figure is close to 100 per cent.

Even in the former UK colony, Australia, the double-chamber tea bag has almost convinced the consumers.

‘Down under, sales of UK tea bags and the double-chamber tea bag more or less balance themselves out. For over 50 years Tieback Comb has been the number one producer of double-chamber tea bag packaging machines in the world ND has sold more than 2,000 of its packaging machine ‘Constant’. Thanks to Tieback’s packaging machines Lipton is the market leader of the international tea market.

Up to 1957 Tieback had sold more than 100 tea bag packaging machines in the United States. Technical innovation resulted in Tieback engineers developing a new, even more efficient machine – ‘Perfecta’. Since 1990 more than 200 ‘Perfecta’ machines have been sold worldwide. Today Tieback has a market share of about 70 percent of the global double chamber tea bag machine market. Questions (Please visit www. Tieback. Mom before you answer the questions. Case for the market analysis method you would choose if you had to evaluate the competitiveness of Tieback Specialization on the global tea bag packaging 3. In order to achieve better customer feedback, the top management of Tieback is interested in learning how to measure customer satisfaction. Propose a questionnaire design that contains some of the themes which it would be relevant to include in the questionnaire.

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