Pupils’ Norms of Behavior

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The behavior of students in the classroom is crucial for effective studying. Teachers should choose appropriate techniques and strategies to control their behavior. Clear instructions and rules help to establish behavioral norms in the classroom. Different classes and groups of students may require different approaches, and pupils with emotional and behavioral difficulties may need more supervision and support. Praise and punishment can also influence students’ behavior. Ultimately, students’ behavior depends on the teacher’s approach, and it is important to establish expectations from the beginning.

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Pupils’ norms of behavior. The fact is, that classroom behaviour is one of the most important parts of the study process. Good behavior of the students is a basis of effective studying. The choice of teaching methods determines student’s behaviour. Teachers should choose techniques and strategies which would enable them to control pupils’ behaviour. You see, classroom behaviour is usually formed on the early stages of learning process.

Most of the pupils need to receive distinct and exact instructions from their teachers. Usually students do not know all requirements of new teachers that is why they will feel more confident and responsible if their teachers explain them all the requirements from the very beginning. There are rules, which help the teacher to distinguish behavioural norms in the classroom. That is why it is so important to form right behaviour patterns in the beginning of the study process.

You see there are some common norms of behaviuor in the classroom such as: pupils should stand when teacher enters classroom; any pupil wishing to answer a question or attract the teacher’s attention should raise his hand but not call out and so on. But still everything depends on the teacher. I suppose every teacher should have his own method. Pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties may cause the most serious problems in the classroom. These pupils usually require more supervision and support.

Treating each pupil as an individual and personality is important. I’d like to say, different classes and groups of pupils may require different approaches and methods when dealing with them. It is also necessary to remember that pupils are very sensitive to behavior of authority figures, such as teachers. Praise and punishment is also quite a good way which can influence pupils’ behaviour. In conclusion I must say, pupils’ behaviour depends on the teacher, so he should show himself from the very beginning.

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