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Outcome of RIO earth summit 1992


Words: 1618 (7 pages)

In 1992 the historic UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED, popularly known as the Earth Summit) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil witnessed unprecedented political will and commitment among governments to make a paradigm shift to sustainable development. Acknowledging the twin crises of poverty and the environment. About the Conference… United Nations Conference on…

How Dinosaurs Became Extinct?




Words: 393 (2 pages)

Something happened 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, something so devastating that it altered the course of life on earth. It seems like it happened so sudden, as geologic time goes, that almost all the dinosaurs living on earth disappeared. So how did these dominant creatures just die off? Was…

Analysis of the TruEarth Pizza Should Be Launched


Words: 582 (3 pages)

Introduction “Mulling over the extensive data from the TruEarth and BASES studies, Eckstein wondered whether to launch the pizza product and what the volume would be”. The following forecast analysis shows whether or not the TruEarth pizza should be launched Demand Forecast 80% of those who claim they “definitely would buy” and 30% of those…

Earth’s Population


Family planning

Words: 1119 (5 pages)

The rapid increase of the Earth’s population is becoming an issue due to the depletion of forests and limited resources. There has been a dramatic increase in the World’s population by 5. 8 million from 1900 to the present day. In this era humans are reproducing more than in previous times causing them to cluster…

Peace On Earth: is it possible?


Words: 797 (4 pages)

Peace is something that many of us hope for on Earth. It is something that many people work for. strive for and decease for. But is it possible? Is it possible to unify the states of the universe and live in peace and harmoniousness? Is it possible to unite faiths. civilizations. and races to finally…

Plate Tectonics and Crust Oceanic Lithosphere





Plate tectonics

Terrestrial planets


Words: 1487 (6 pages)

The Lithosphere * The lithosphere is the hard shell of the Earth, consisting of the crust and the topmost part of the upper mantle. * It is a relatively thin layer, about 31 to 62 miles (50 to 100 km) thick under the oceans and 93 miles (150 km) thick on the continents. * It…

Review of the Nigsat-2 and Nigsat-X and Its Implication on Nigeria




Words: 1260 (6 pages)

Introduction Nigeria has newly launch two satellites into space, NigSat-2 and NigSat-X. However, its imperative to briefly review what satellite is and the Nigerian experience. A satellite is an artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or another planet in order to collect information and for communication. Generally, it is an object that moves…

Doomsday Asteroid – Earth Under Threat



Words: 510 (3 pages)

The universe is a shooting gallery and earth is the bullseye. The earth is always under threat of a doomesday asteroid that will wipe out civilization. There are over one thousand asteroids traveling toward earth and only three quarters are accounted for. Where are the other one forth? No one knows because the government doesn’t…

Essay – Flat Earth Theory


Words: 317 (2 pages)

Mr. Thomas Friedman has a theory that he calls “flat earth” he speaks in many places and too many different people about this theory. No, this man has not lost his mind going around the country telling people that the earth is flat and if you get too close to the edge you will fall…

Easedale and Glacial Features



Words: 1152 (5 pages)

On Monday June 5th 2006, the geography class of Windermere St Annes pursued their research of glaciation and its effects on landscapes by studying Easedale Valley; so the aim of the field trip was to see if glaciation had affected the landscape of Easedale. The hypothesis that I devised is: “The effect of glaciation has…

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