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Decline of cold war certainties

Cold War

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One very important event that took place in global history was the Berlin airlift, which lasted from 1948 to 1949. After World War II, Germany was split into four individually controlled sections. The western half Of Germany was controlled by the United States, Great Britain and France, which were the western powers. The eastern half…

Cold War in Guatemala

Cold War

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Guatemala is known for being one of the most dangerous countries in Central America; nevertheless, it is not its fault that it is the way it is. During the Cold War there were many factors involved and many events that led to the Guatemala of today. It all began with the election of Colonel Arbenz…

Cold war containment

Cold War

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 One of the most comprehensive American policies in dealing with the Cold War was a policy developed by George Keenan, who set up the American Embassy in Moscow after World War II. In 1947, Keenan published an article in the magazine Foreign Affairs detailing what he called the containment policy. It would be America’s approach…

Public Schools Vs. Post-cold War Military Spending

Cold War



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Public Schools vs. Post-Cold War Military SpendingEven though the Cold War era is a distant memory, encased in glass forever like some museum piece, our government is still spending as if the Soviet Union was in its prime. If the arms race is a forgotten memory, then why is the military still spending 86% of…

Perceiving the Cold War through the Rocky IV Movie

Cold War


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Perceiving the Cold War through the Rocky IV Movie Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky IV is physically charged and captivating movie yet it represents a carefully plotted political propaganda genre that captured the psychological side of the Cold war between the United States and its allies on one side and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)…

Freedom during the Cold War

Cold War


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            The Cold War, that period of silent conflict between the United States and the U.S.S.R. and their respective allies, waged without the occurrence of actual warfare, spawned various issues of which the survival of mankind from a possible all-out nuclear war was foremost.    Through the freedoms guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution as enunciated…

Causes and effects of the Cold war

Cold War

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The cold war The cold war was a period characterized by hostility and tension between the Soviet Union and the United States America from 1940s to 1980s. It was so called because there was no hot or active war between these two nations. It was just a fear of nuclear escalation. This fear went ahead…

U.S Foreign Policy Impact on Latin America During Cold War

Cold War



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Carolina Recchi History of the Americas November 14th 2012 U. S foreign policy impact on Latin America’s Cold War The mid 20th century was characterized by years of conflict and political tumult in most of Latin America. As countries within this hemisphere were striving to gain independence and global recognition, the U. S and USSR…

The Geography of the Cold War: What Was Containment?

Cold War


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Unfortunately, the warmth of the handshakes did not last. The Soviet Union and the United States had serious differences. Their greatest difference was over a political and economic system called communism. In its pure form, communism is a belief that private property should be replaced by community ownership. In the Soviet Union this idea was…

The Cold War in 1980s

Cold War

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The Cold War in 1980s – The Prone Seigneur Between the Two Superpowers Since Cold War began at the end of World War in the late 1940s, the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, were racing their power to get their dominance over another. Each side feared the other’s superior weapons, such…

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