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The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines


Search and seizure

Words: 2231 (9 pages)

We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity, the blessings of independence and democracy under the…

How Federalism Has Changed Since the Ratificationt of the Constitution



Words: 1124 (5 pages)

Federalism has evolved over the class of American history. At different points in clip. the balance and boundaries between the national and province authorities have changed well. In the 20th century. the function of the national authorities expanded dramatically. and it continues to spread out in the 21st century. Double Federalism ( 1789–1945 ) Double…

Democratic Constitutionalism Essay



Words: 390 (2 pages)

The seventeenth century, which witnessed the development of absolute monarchy, also saw the appearance of the constitutional state. While France solved the question of sovereignty with the absolutist state, England evolved toward the constitutional state. If we could assign a very simple definition of the term of the term constitutionalism, it would be the limitation…

Constitutional Powers of the Presidency


Words: 2579 (11 pages)

The United States presidency is considered one of the most commanding offices around the world. The agencies and departments that obtain political directives from the president and cabinet-level divisions comprise the executive division of the national government.  The constitution stipulates that the president’s role is to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed. In order…

The Inequality of Customary Law



Words: 2119 (9 pages)

This is largely because Customary law gives women and or children & gays, less power than ‘real’ men; and has existed without being successfully challenged for a long time. Furthermore it continues to unfairly discriminate between family members on the basis of their status in the family and their gender. Some rules of customary law…

Constitutional Law



Words: 7055 (29 pages)

Nominal Telos- gives certain rights but does follow through with the rights. Example is Cuban Constitution that gives rights such as healthcare and travel but does not carry them out. Tends to make a lot of promises but does not keep them. Façade Telos- similar to nominal by making promises in a way that seem…

Codifying Conventions and Royal Prerogatives


Constitutional Law




Political science

Words: 781 (4 pages)

Dicey named ‘conventions’ the non-legal rules that regulate the way legal rules are applied . Prerogative powers are legal powers held by the crown but exercised by government without the authority from parliament. There is no doubt about their importance to the British constitution but their unwritten nature has caused disputes regarding their extent. Therefore…

Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution


United States Constitution

Words: 825 (4 pages)

  Twenty-second Amendment to the United States ConstitutionIntroductionIn retrospect, Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of America’s most effective presidents, leading the nation through a World War, depression and much more.   However, the unprecedented 4 terms to which he was elected raised serious concerns about the limits of presidential power or more precisely, what could be…

The Biggest Threat to the Weimar Republic Was the Weimar Constitution Itself. Discuss


Words: 2182 (9 pages)

“The biggest threat to the Weimar Republic was the Weimar Constitution itself. Discuss” The Weimar Constitution was the biggest threat to the Weimar Republic, because it eventually lead to many problems that would affect the Republic. These were: Hitler’s rise to power against the Weimar Republic, the downfall of the Reichsrat, the passage of the…

Federalism: United States Constitution and Government



Words: 376 (2 pages)

Powers Shared by National and State Government, setting up courts, creating ND collecting taxes, building highways, borrowing money, making and enforcing laws, chartering banks and corporations, spending money for the betterment of the general welfare and taking (condemning) private property with Just compensation. How federalism was found you may ask? The founders of federalism attempted…

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What are the key elements of a Constitution essay

There are a few key elements that are typically included in a Constitution essay. These elements may include an introduction to the document, a discussion of the different parts of the Constitution, and an analysis of the impact the Constitution has had on society. Other elements that may be included in a Constitution essay include a discussion of the amendment process, a comparison of the Constitution to other governing documents, and a discussion of the role of the Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitution.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. The Origins Of The Constitution
  2. The Framers Of The Constitution
  3. The Purpose Of The Constitution
  4. The Structure Of The Constitution
  5. The Powers Of The Constitution
  6. The Amendments To The Constitution
  7. The Interpretation Of The Constitution
  8. The Significance Of The Constitution
  9. The Legacy Of The Constitution
  10. The Future Of The Constitution

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