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The UK constitution is no longer fit for purpose


Words: 562 (3 pages)

Mina Wrath ‘The UK constitution is no longer fit for purpose’. Discuss. (40 marks) A constitution is the concept that a political system is governed by a constitution and that political institutions are bound by constitutional rules which are binding. In the ELK, we have an unconfined constitution, which is a set of constitutional rules…

The first article in the United Constitution


Words: 513 (3 pages)

Federalism is best defined by Homes and Kern (2009, p. 16) as a “system of overspent in which the people are regulated by both federal and state governments. ” The United States Constitution developed and designed these two bodies of government to prevent the American people from tyranny and ensured powers were delegated appropriately. The…

Constitutional Law Assignment



Words: 3931 (16 pages)

With regard to the establishment of Australia, it can be argued that this was done on a legally dubious basis, and the rule of law and the separation of powers had to be won again by the free settlers of a penal colony, but these principles having been established, it would seem desirable to pursue…

Constitutional Issues


Words: 499 (2 pages)

Gun control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens. There should be stricter gun control laws in the United States. A CBS poll, conducted on Dec. 14, 2012, found that 51% of adults nationwide…

Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution


United States Constitution

Words: 825 (4 pages)

  Twenty-second Amendment to the United States ConstitutionIntroductionIn retrospect, Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of America’s most effective presidents, leading the nation through a World War, depression and much more.   However, the unprecedented 4 terms to which he was elected raised serious concerns about the limits of presidential power or more precisely, what could be…

Constitutional Law Notes: Categories of External Affairs



Words: 451 (2 pages)

External relations are a purposeful head of power. Let’s first look at the interpretation of the head of state of the Commonwealth. this one speaks outwardly in s51 (29). The types of areas that fall under the scope of application c. 51 (29): 4 main types of power in the field of external relations. First:…

The Fourth Amendment


The Us Constitution

Words: 614 (3 pages)

The 21st century is also known as the technology age. This provides all people endless possibilities to access surveillance. Technology has changed the way we connect with each other. Today we find that any time someone uses Google, Facebook, or Amazon, those websites collect everything we do every time we access them. Due to technology…

The Writers Of The Constitution Established A Federal System Of Government In Part Because



Words: 1439 (6 pages)

One question that has been pondered since the times of Greece. Should the people be trusted to govern themselves? There has been great arguments, points, and responses to the question but history definitely plays a role. Aristotle born In 384 BC In Stagier, Greece. Aristotle was a philosopher who believed that the government should be…

Democratic Constitutionalism Essay



Words: 390 (2 pages)

The seventeenth century, which witnessed the development of absolute monarchy, also saw the appearance of the constitutional state. While France solved the question of sovereignty with the absolutist state, England evolved toward the constitutional state. If we could assign a very simple definition of the term of the term constitutionalism, it would be the limitation…

Codifying Conventions and Royal Prerogatives


Constitutional Law




Political science

Words: 781 (4 pages)

Dicey named ‘conventions’ the non-legal rules that regulate the way legal rules are applied . Prerogative powers are legal powers held by the crown but exercised by government without the authority from parliament. There is no doubt about their importance to the British constitution but their unwritten nature has caused disputes regarding their extent. Therefore…

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