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on basic problems of economics


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1. Solution of ‘what to produce’: What to produce means what commodities and what quantity of each chosen commodities will be produced and in what quantity is decided by what buyers prefer to buy. The preference of the buyers affects equilibrium prices of goods. The equilibrium prices serve as guide to firms to decide which…

The History Of Monopoly And Microeconomics Economics



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Economicss is divided into two chief subdivisions. Those are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomicss trades with the behaviour of single economic units, which are consumers, workers, investors, proprietors of land, concern house and so on. Why and how those units make economic determinations means microeconomics. For an illustration, microeconomics explains how consumers make buying determinations and…

Five Economic Problems and Five Social Problems of the Philippines


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Five economic problems and five social problems of the philippines? social: 1. lack of individualism. don’t need to abandon social structures totally. 2. colonial mentality. royalty, status symbols, subservience 3. western influence. don’ love their own 4. parinig system 5. authoritarian  economic: 1. leaders are mostly landowners who don’t know how to make a profit…

Alfred Marshall and Leon Walras



Supply and Demand

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Alfred Marshall (1842-1924) and Leon Walras (1834-1910) are two of the most renowned neo-classical economic theorists, who contributed a great deal to the contemporary economic analysis. Leon Walras was born in Normandy, France, and was later accredited as the originator of general-equilibrium analysis. He, along with Jevons and Menger, are classified as the originators of…

Economics in Willy Wonka


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Stuart, Mel, dir. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 1971. Film. 16 Oct 2012. This week, I took a trip back and watched a movie that I watched regularly as a younger child, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Surprisingly while I was watching the movie, I realized many economic principles incorporated. The first one…

About Managerial Economics


Words: 1936 (8 pages)

How did the economics change? Now more and more companies do the cooperation under the ETC concept. Uncut (2010) defined within managerial economics, the Transactions cost economics (ETC) approach and analysis examine this phenomenon through the understanding that firms compare the cost of internal co-ordination to the cost of using market (transaction costs) in deciding…

The fruits of industrial development




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Entrepreneurs are, thus, the seeds of industrial development and the fruits of industrial development are greater employment opportunities to unemployed youth, increase in per capita income, higher standard of living and increased individual saving, revenue to the government in the form of income tax, sales tax, export duties, import duties, and balanced regional development. Concept…

The Usefulness of the Eclectic Paradigm



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Introduction The eclectic paradigm, viz. the OLI paradigm was put together by the economic expert John Henry Dunning ( 1927-2009 ) in the late 1970’s. Dunning’s early research focused on American owned affiliates in the UK and their higher productiveness compared to their local rivals. He wondered how and why these houses were able to…

What is the role of menu costs in New Keynesian models?




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Question: What is the role of menu costs in New Keynesian models? Is the importance placed on menu costs in these models justified by the empirical evidence? Most economists believe that short-run fluctuations in output and employment represent deviations from the economy’s natural rate. They think these deviations occur because nominal wages and prices are…

Main macroeconomic issues in Malaysia from 2005 to 2010



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Describe and analyze the chief macroeconomic issues in Malaysia for the period from 2005 to 2010. Table OF CONTENT Page 1.0MACROECONOMICS INTRODUCTION2 2.0ECONOMIC GROWTH AND LIVING STANDART IN MALAYSIA5 3.0CHANGES IN UNEMPLOYEMENT FROM 2005 TO 20106 4.0Inflation8 5.0Summary10-11 6.0 Mentions12 Chapter 1 Macroeconomics 1.0Introduction Macroeconomicss is an analysis of a country’s economic public presentation and…

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