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Transport Economics



Words: 1554 (7 pages)

Decline in Bus Use Since the 1950’s there has been a rapid decline in bus journeys. In the whole of Britain in 1950 there was a peak of 16,445 million traveling by bus, but this has fallen to 5,641 million in 1985/86. This was the last year before deregulation of buses. Since the bus service…

Macroeconomic Aims of a Government


Words: 640 (3 pages)

The government and policymakers of a country intervenes in the economy in order to achieve economic growth, price stability, and low rate of unemployment. First and foremost, economic growth can be defined as an Increase In the country output over a period of time. This means there is an increment In her productive capacity hence…

Ocean Carriers Case Study


Supply and Demand


Words: 521 (3 pages)

Average daily hire rates are determined by market supply and demand. Factors such as the number of operating vessels, number of scrapped vessels per year, the age of the ships, the efficiency of ships, and market expectations of supply and demand; consequently, these factors drive average daily hire rates. Market conditions also drive rates since…

The Migration to the Caribbean



Words: 1750 (7 pages)

Introduction The British territories between the years 1834 to 1838 experienced abolition of slavery trade. For this reason, many people for example the sugar planters, went to seek cheap and available labour from the freed slaves. The slaves themselves who were mostly from the Indian origin were forced to develop a migration scheme that made…

Economics in Willy Wonka Analysis


Words: 358 (2 pages)

Stuart, Mel, dir. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 1971. Film. 16 Oct 2012. This week, I took a trip back and watched a movie that I watched regularly as a younger child, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Surprisingly while I was watching the movie, I realized many economic principles incorporated. The first one…

What Is Perfect Competition Economics


Perfect competition

Words: 1190 (5 pages)

There are four types of market constructions are Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopoly Competition and Oligopoly. Long tally is the period of clip that the houses are able to set the variable cost and holes cost. In the long tally, marketer has sufficient clip to come in or go out the market but need to establish…

The fruits of industrial development




Words: 1794 (8 pages)

Entrepreneurs have a vital role in promoting industrial development, resulting in more job opportunities for unemployed young people and higher per capita income. This ultimately improves the quality of life and promotes personal savings. Moreover, entrepreneurs generate government revenue through different channels like income tax, sales tax, export duties, and import duties. Additionally, they contribute…

Economics “Housing”


Federal Reserve

Words: 597 (3 pages)

Housing starts lowest in months. Bad news. Building new homes is a very important factor to helping our economy grow. When the number of new houses being built is declining, it could possibly put our economy back into a recession. This headline would mean there would be less labor jobs available for those people without…

Hurricane Katrina’s Effect on the Socioeconomic Status of Victims


Hurricane Katrina

Words: 1125 (5 pages)

            Each year, countries around the world experience natural calamities such as flooding, fires, typhoons, earthquakes and many others. For a country like the United States of America, it seems that it can recover immediately from any destructive events. But when Hurricane Katrina hit the American territory, the whole country was taken by surprise. Damages…

Mba Managerial Economics


Price elasticity of demand

Words: 4650 (19 pages)

Managerial Decision-Making and Market Processes How does operational effectiveness differ from organizational strategy? Operational effectiveness is achieving excellence in individual activities while organizational strategy is about combining these activities to fit and reinforce one another and create competitive advantage and obtain superior profitability. OE refers to being “on” the production frontier, while OS refers to…

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