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Essays on Effects of climate change

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Global Warming: Increase of the Worlds Average Temperature

Effects of climate change

Global Warming

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Global WarmingThe 19th as well as the 20th century have been the most prolific time periods in modern history as concerns science, technology and socio-economic development. Within these two centuries we witnessed the discovery of electricity, the invention of the engine which played a very important role in the maturity of the well-known industrial revolution….

Is Science Good or Bad?

Effects of climate change


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Human beings are living a comfortable life today because of scientific inventions. Can we think about a life without electricity, cars, telephone, internet, television and thousands of scientific inventions that make our life comfortable? Nowadays we live longer because of the scientific innovations in the field of medicine. No one can deny the benefit of…

Global environmental problems

Effects of climate change


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Global Environmental Problems 1.                  Introduction Industrial revolution has encouraged countries all over the world to present many kinds of products to fulfill local needs and for export purposes. This situation involves the use of various raw materials that come from natural resources or chemical materials. The uncontrolled and unplanned production causes the production waste to…

The Issue of Negative Climate Change

Climate Change

Effects of climate change

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The need for action is pressing in order to feed the expanding human population, expected to increase by almost one billion people per decade for the next three decades at least. Much of this increase will occur in developing countries in the low-latitude regions of the world. To meet the associated food demand, crop yields…

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