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Our Solar System: The Sun Information and Facts

Greenhouse effect


Words: 1190 (5 pages)

The sun, which is the largest object in the solar system and has many similar stars in the universe, is a middle-sized star. Despite its size, if it were hollow, it could contain over 1 million Earth’s. The sun’s temperature is too high for any living organism to bear, with surface and core temperatures of…

The most important problems in today’s world will be solved in our lifetime

Greenhouse effect


Words: 346 (2 pages)

Although scientific and technological advancements have brought convenience, they have also burdened our lives with high energy consumption and pollution. Despite a global awareness of the need to find solutions for these issues, I remain skeptical about resolving today’s most critical problems within our lifetime. The significant problems we face have developed over a long…

Global Warming Issues

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 273 (2 pages)

“The Earth is a generous mother, she will provide in plentiful abundance food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil in justice and in peace.” -Bourke Coekran. Global warming refers to the sustained increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. In simple words, the phenomenon of warming of the…

Global Warming, Man Made, or the Earths Natural Cycle

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 3284 (14 pages)

Since the first of the year 2010, there have been approximately twenty volcano eruptions or volcanic activity all over the world. (Rajai’s) Pretty alarming when you think about it, so why the increase in these natural occurring events? Alarmist would have you believe that a lot of the increase in global events like hurricanes, volcanic…

Definition and Impact of Global Warming

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 355 (2 pages)

Global Warming Glaciers are melting fast, sea levels are rising and rising, cloud forests are dying so therefor the sun is getting hotter, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. People now are starting to realize that something has to be done before it is way to late. The question that is on everyones mind…

Is Global warming Natural or Man-made?

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 1257 (6 pages)

For my GCSE case study I have chosen to study a scientific question in detail. The question is ‘global warming natural or Man made?”. The reason for me choosing this question is because this has been an increasing concern and a threat to human life on earth.For my case study I will research both sides…

Climate Change and the Global Externality Problem

Climate Change

Greenhouse effect

Words: 3862 (16 pages)

Introduction: Climate Change             During the 1980s, the public learned that the earth was supposedly warming. But it was not before the beginning of the following decade that, via the media and the rise of environmentalist political parties, attention was focused on the problem. A first step against global warming was taken in 1992 when…

Global Warming is Real

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 2031 (9 pages)

Global warming has become a much feared environmental problem. Even the media and politicians of all sorts have put more attention to this environmental phenomenon. However, many people still doubt that there is global warming. Some say that global warming was only conceptualized to strike fear into a lot of people while some say that…

The Role of Psychology in the Climate Change Debate

Climate Change


Fossil fuel

Greenhouse effect

Words: 1410 (6 pages)

The Climate Change Debate involves the rancour in the scientific community as to whether or not climate change is actually happening and as to whether or not its effects spell doom as conveyed. The more easily conveyed aspect of climate change is called the greenhouse effect. This effect involves explaining the energy balance on earth…

Predicted Results of Global Warming

Global Warming

Greenhouse effect

Words: 986 (4 pages)

Greenhouse gases (chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.)let heat in but stop it from going back out – like a windshield in a parked car. At our current rate of creating these gases by industry, cars and burning fossil fuels, scientists predict a temperature increase of 4 to 9 degrees F by 2050. (9…

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