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Analysis of They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky

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  • Pages 2
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    The three example of dehumanization that occurs in the autobiography They Poured Fire On Us from the Sky, that I am going to discuss throughout this essay. I will give you three reasons that they dehumanize the people in the autobiography. One reason is enslaving them, which means trapping them or hold them captive.

    The second reason is rape, which means to abuse them. The third reason is The Murahiliin soldiers devalue the S. P. L.A. For each of the reasons I will give two examples. For my first reason Alepho gives a part of his life on page 33, which is about Deng the slave. The Murahiliin attack the Dinka village, that was when Deng was taken away.

    Deng came back years later older and the town didn’t recognize him because he got older. The master made him take care of the cattle and then do housework. Deng even got weak and thin. Another example is when Deng tried to escaped from the slavery and he got beat so much that he was close to death.

    The master was getting tired of beating him so he was going to finish it in the morning. For my second reason Alepho gives another life story of when an anonymous 5 and a half year old gets raped on page 96 and 97.The mother of the anonymous little girl said to the solider “Don’t hurt my daughter. ” That is when the little girl started to run because the soldier started to chase her.

    Then the little girl grabbed onto the bush and he pulled his  out a tried to push it in her body. Her kept pushing it in, with all of his weight and hit her hipbone broke. Another example is when Benjamin tell his part of the story on page 63. Benjamin comes home one day and sees that people are shooting at his house, so he runs and runs until he can’t feel his legs anymore. The soldiers killed his parents, but Benjamin didn’t know that at first.

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    What is the theme of They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky?
    Themes. No matter how long they are separated, families share a bond that helps them find their way back together. People have an innate will to survive that can push them past many physical limitations. In times of crisis, the true nature of individuals becomes apparent.
    Who is the main character in they poured fire on us from the sky?
    There are three main characters in my story, their names being; Alephonsion Deng, Benson Deng, and Benjamin Ajak. These three boys, young as they were, are driven away from their own home with violence. This caused a significant change in how they viewed the world.

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