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Reaction paper about solas

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They discussed about the emergency situations, evacuation, survival crafts and rescue boat, personal life-saving appliances, survival at sea and emergency radio equipment. In emergency situations we should be observant in what happen into our surroundings. Also we should know the muster station. We can be able to know our duties and responsibilities during emergency and the signals for these emergencies just by looking at the muster list. The general alarm has seven short blasts and one long blast on the ships whistle followed by public address of the master/captain. In survival crafts and rescue boats there are different types of lifeboats these are open, partially enclosed and totally enclosed. There are types of life rafts also these are enclosed inflatable life raft and rigid life raft. In Personal Life-Saving Appliances we should know the things that can help us during emergencies.

Example of things that can help us are lifejackets, lifebuoy, lifebuoy with self-igniting light, immersion suit, thermal protective aid (TPA) and pyrotechnics.

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Reaction paper about solas
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There are kinds of pyrotechnics the rocket parachute flare usually this kind of flare can last long for 40 seconds, Hand flare can last long for 60 seconds, buoyant orange smoke signal gives off smoke for 3 minutes it can use only for day time only. On our training for Elementary First I think I become more competent to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or medical emergency until the arrival of the person in charge of medical care on board. I have learned how to do the bandaging, to control the blood, to rescue unconscious person. FPFF or Fire Prevention and Firefighting this course discuss mainly about Fire on how to prevent and extinguish it.

Proficiency in Personal Survival Technique
A trainee will be able to react in a correct manner during emergency situations, take measures appropriate to his own survival and to the survival of others, and use survival equipment correctly.

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
A trainee will be competent to take appropriate measures for the safety of personnel and of the ship and will also have knowledge of fire prevention. The trainee will be taught how to use the fire appliances correctly.

Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
This will give new seafarers an insight into the various elements of a ship and the working procedures onboard so that they can adjust to the shipboard environment and be better prepared to cope with any unforeseen circumstances.

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