The Independent Variable in Rube’s Hypothesis

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The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether watering tomato plants with milk affects their growth. The hypothesis is that using milk to water the plants will have a negative effect on their growth. To test this, six tomato plants will be used – three watered with milk and three with water – and their height will be measured and recorded every day for two weeks. The independent variable is the type of liquid used to water the plants, while the dependent variable is the height of the tomato plant. The constants are the environment, the type of seeds, the size of the pot, and the soil used. The possible results will be the height in mm that each plant grows. The conclusion is that the hypothesis was correct, as the milk did not help the plants grow and even stunted their growth. Further research may be conducted to investigate how milk helps plants grow and why it did not work in this experiment.

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Purpose: My mother has been complaining that her tomato garden hasn’t been growing as mulch lately. She heard from a friend that watering her plants with milk would make them grow taller. The question is “Does watering your tomato plants with milk effect their growth?

Research: For this experiment you could search on the internet or in the library on tomato plant grow and how tall they grow. You could also search on about milk and the vitamins it has and how it would help or stunt plant growth.

Hypothesis: For this experiment either the tomato plant will grow taller with using the milk as water or it wont grow at all. “If testing to see if the tomato plant will growth will be effected while using milk to water it, then the tomato plants growth will be effected in a negative matter.

Experiment: To test the experiment, you would get about six tomato plants to work with, three to water with the milk, and three to water with water. You’d place them in the same environment ND water them with the same amount of liquid, keeping them out for the same amount of time as well.

You would measure each plant and record your data every day for two weeks. The independent variable is the experiment would be using water or milk to water the plants. The dependent variable would be the height of the tomato plant in the pot. This would be determined by measuring the height of the plant with a ruler. The constants would be the environment the pots are kept in; like the temperature, humidity, sun light; the number of seeds used, the type of seeds ND the size of the pot and the type of soil.

Analysis: Possible results from this experiment would be the height in mm in which each plant grew. For example, “Day 6: Water (plant mm” “Day 6: Milk (plant 1) Mom”

Conclusion: For this experiment, the hypothesis would be correct. The milk did not help the grow in tomato plants at all. It didn’t let the plant grow at all. If my hypothesis was incorrect, I would research into it more on how milk helps plants grow and why this happens. I would set up another experiment using just milk and use different amounts.

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