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Polio Statistics and Need of Control


Words: 378 (2 pages)

Polio runs rampant in countries with very unhealthy sewage practices. Luckily, polio can be isolated from sewage, but anytime unclean water is let into a river, stream, lake, or other water body, it can spread into any unknowing person who uses that water to drink. People in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s were afraid to…

Business Statistics Assignment: Advantages and Disadvantages


Words: 459 (2 pages)

Because the mean is less than the median. 4. What are the differences among the various measures of variation, such as the range, intrauterine range, variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? The differences: (a) Range: Range of a data set is deference between the largest…

Different Forecasting Techniques


Words: 513 (3 pages)

Business Statistics Assignment II Assignment Code: 2012 GM03 B2 Last Date of Submission: 15th November 2012 Maximum Marks: 100 Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. SECTION – A 1. a) Explain the need for different forecasting techniques. How can we evaluate as to how good is our forecast. b)Collect…

Researcj and statistics


Words: 796 (4 pages)

            Because psychology is a science, psychologists must collect data systematically and objectively.  To accomplish this, they use a variety of research methods and each of which as advantages and disadvantages as compared with the others.  These are techniques psychologists use in there research, including naturalistic observation, case studies, surveys, correlational research and experimental research. …

Suicide Statistics Research Paper Suicide



Words: 252 (2 pages)

Suicide is the 5th taking cause of decease in Canada, with 3709 deceases recorded in 1992. This approximates to around one decease every two hours. Of these, work forces account for 2923 ( one decease every three hours – fifth taking cause ) and adult females account for 786 ( one decease every 10 hours…

on Statistics in Race: “The House We Live In”


Words: 1632 (7 pages)

Abstract             The issue of racial prejudice traces its very unjustly intertwined roots back to the earliest years of societies and cultures in the world, even before the turn of the century, even before anyone had a concrete idea of racial definition and the implications attached to them. The racial struggle, specifically in United States…

What have you learned about statistics?


Words: 1207 (5 pages)

What have you learned about statistics? Introduction             Statistics can be defined as the practice or science that is concerned with the process of collecting and analyzing the numerical data in both large and small quantities. The process is enacted for the purpose of understanding proportions in complete from those in the representative data. Thus,…

Descriptive Statistics Paper


Words: 1135 (5 pages)

The information below is a continuance of week two, week three, and on week four. The previous assessment in week two on “real estate research” for thinking of hypothesis on home values in Alvarado, Texas. The evaluating on real estate prices reveals a purpose of this research paper and its importance findings. The discoveries include…

Measuring statistics


Words: 659 (3 pages)

Measure of Central Tendency Expression such as “of average height” are vague but informative, they relate an individual to a central value. When experimenters collect data at some expense in time, energy, and money, they cannot afford to be vague. They want a measure of central tendency. In statistics, the most common measure of central…

Crusty Dough Pizza Company Descriptive Statistics



Words: 1165 (5 pages)

Crusty Dough Pizza Company – Maximizing Monthly Profits Introduction This paper provides a summary of our analysis of the data obtained for 60 Crusty Dough Pizza Company restaurants. We compared 16 pizza store characteristics to monthly profit in order to determine the best indicators of success. The results of this analysis may be used to…

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