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The Internet: Harmful or Helpful?

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The Internet: Harmful or Helpful? Ever since its inception in 1982, the internet has become an essential part of the average person’s life. Many people see the internet as a place for entertainment, research, and communication. Although the invention of the internet allows for easy access to information and communication, there are some negative effects, such as encouraging cheating, corrupting children, and hindering development of social skills as well. The internet allows for easy access to information about almost any conceivable topic.

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The Internet: Harmful or Helpful?
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Such easy access to information makes internet research a very convenient way to gather information on a topic. The convenience of the internet as a research source makes it a valuable tool in the research process. In addition to research topics, search engines on the internet can just be used to find answers to a problem one might have. The internet can be used to apply for jobs, which can greatly facilitate the job searching process in addition to making it more convenient.

Along with providing information, the internet can also be used for entertainment.

Videos can be watched on YouTube, and games can be played on different websites. Social media sites can also be used to communicate with others. With the invention of social media sites on the internet, people with internet access now have a means to collaborate and express themselves in new ways. With the ease of online communication, old friends can contact each other from different sides of the country, and new friends can also be made from around the world. Video chat can also be used, enabling users to have a face to face conversation from different parts of the world.

Some people may find online entertainment addicting however, and, like all things, the internet should be used in moderation. Without exercising a little bit of willpower, the internet can quickly become a source of procrastination. The internet is not without its drawbacks, unfortunately. Even though the internet can be a good source of information, its abundance of information can lead to plagiarism. Information on websites published by authors can be copied word for word with minimal work. The authors of these works are not cited. Plagiarism is essentially robbery of published works, stealing money away from the author.

Plagiarism is also morally wrong and considered cheating when used in academic work. It has been argued that the internet can be a bad influence on children. Content on the internet can be inappropriate for young children. The internet can be a source of drug and alcohol influence, and many children can become addicted to using the internet. Children and adults alike can find themselves unable to tear themselves away from the screen. Time management and procrastination problems can arise from this and have very negative impacts on developing children.

In addition to developing an addiction to the internet, social skills can be hindered by overuse of the internet. Rather than having a face to face conversation, it is now easier to just type a message to someone. This can lead to an inability to hold a conversation with others, which can cause problems later in life when face to face conversation is mandatory in cases such as job interviews. Another major disadvantage of the internet is identity theft. Unsecured connections to the internet can be exploited and used to gather personal information including credit card numbers, names, and addresses.

The thief can then use the stolen information to buy anything they want under the victim’s name. Viruses can also be used to acquire this information without the victim knowing before it is too late. The internet is a revolutionary invention that has changed the world. An abundance of information is made available by the internet, although it can cause problems if one spends too much time on it. The internet can either provide an unlimited amount of help or it can become the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of productivity. Effective use of the internet requires restraint and time management.

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The Internet: Harmful or Helpful?. (2016, Oct 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-internet-harmful-or-helpful/

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