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Internet Pornography

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Internet Pornography

Pornography’s effect on children

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Internet Pornography
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Internet has posed several threats to the society and one of the biggest threats of internet is pornography. Children who are internet-savvy can easily find pornography on internet. Due to easy access and attractive images pornography is becoming a menace for the society. Children are affected by pornographic images and researches suggest that internet pornography and negative attitudes of children are strongly related with each other. A research suggest that when children in the US were exposed to “Hard core” pornography then 60% of the males and 40% of females want to try out some of the behaviors they have witnessed (Russell, 1998).

Similarly, children develop a mindset that sex is actually a recreational activity and they won’t take it serious. Young children especially boys develop a stereotyped attitude for the girls and by watching pornographic images they view girls and women as “playful things” (Russell, 1998). Children at an early age involve in unhealthy activities which includes masturbation.

These effects tamper the mindsets of children and pose serious threats in both short and the long run. Moreover, children develop an unhealthy attitude towards life as internet plays its counterproductive role in imparting unhealthy sexual knowledge to children. This surely puts great responsibility on the parents to control and limit the access to such sources.

Violent crime and abuse

Violent crimes and abusing on internet is considered to be a day to day affair. Violent pornography on internet reinforces negative attitudes and behaviors towards women. Rapes, aggressive attitudes and negative psychological outcomes are all due to pornography that is displayed on internet. A research suggests that women who were battered, abused or humiliated had partners that viewed pornographic videos on internet. Similarly, sexual stimulating materials can cause aggressive behavior in children and their attitude towards girls and women is affected negatively. Boys involve in abusive activities and they believe that it is a part of sex because they believe what they see. A 10 year old girl was raped by two brothers of 12 and 15 years after watching an abusive sexual video (Russell, 1998). Violent behavior and abusive attitude can easily be linked with internet pornography because the internet displays it in such a way. Internet pornography must be banned because it is affecting the lives of innocent children as their lives are influenced by this medium. Therefore this is obvious that sexual clips having violent and abusive themes could have negative impacts affecting the lives of children all around the world.

Pornography is a Serious Addiction that needs to be eliminated from Society
The internet age has brought many advantages for people. Sadly, it has also brought forth many forms of crime, the most prominent and threatening being internet pornography. Pornographic material shows nude and sexually explicit images that are entirely disgusting and are a moral parasite. Research also reveals that pornography may be addictive.

A team of experts on the subjects claimed in front of Senate committee that pornography is highly addictive and a curse on society that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. According to an expert at the hearing, pornography is a much more serious and threatening addiction than cocaine (Singel, 2004). It is a more serious addiction than cocaine because the users of the deadly drug can eventually enter rehabilitation and erase the effects and addiction from their blood stream and eliminate the addiction; but the images viewed by porn addicts are imprinted on their minds and stay perpetually.

Another reason why pornography is more addictive than drugs such as cocaine is that it causes masturbation. Masturbation releases a substance from the body called “opioids,” which are similar in effect to pain relievers such as morphine and in effect makes them more addictive than cocaine and other drugs as they occur naturally (Singel, 2004).

This is proof in itself that pornography is addictive and needs to be stopped before it pollutes the forthcoming generations.

Russell, D. (1998). Dangerous Relationships: Pornography, Misogyny and Rape. Sage Publications.

Singel, R. (2004, November 19). Internet Porn: Worse Than Crack? Retrieved March 2, 2009, from Wired: http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2004/11/65772


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