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A Research Paper on Madame Du Barry: King Louie XV’s Favourite Mistress

Marie Antoinette


Words: 1733 (7 pages)

Introduction Along with more than 40,000 lives lost, one of the considered most famous victims of the 18th century Reign of Terror in France, which the rival factions,  unjust radicalization and believably one of the causes of the French Revolution, was the late Madame Jeanne Becu Du Barry, King Louie XV’s favourite mistress.  She was…

The Efffects Of Louis 16Th On France


Marie Antoinette

Words: 1489 (6 pages)

The Gallic Revolution was a important milepost in European history, remembered by many in historical and literary plants. The state of affairs in France, largely under the leading of Louis XVI, had a negative influence in France, therefore making a perfect clime for the Gallic Revolution. France was plagued by both debt, and hapless determination…

Marie Antoinette Was Born in Vienna, Austria


Marie Antoinette

Words: 2018 (9 pages)

Born in Vienna, Austria on November 2, 1755, Marie Antoinette (initially named Antonia) was the youngest and most stunning daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. Among their 16 children, her mother also held the titles of queen of Hungary and Bohemia. Since childhood, she was prepared to be France’s queen….

Frequently Asked Questions about Marie Antoinette

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What is Marie Antoinette famous for?
Marie-Antoinette was queen of France from 1774 to 1793 and is associated with the decline of the French monarchy. Her alleged remark “Let them eat cake” has been cited as showing her obliviousness to the poor conditions in which many of her subjects lived while she lived decadently, but she probably never said it.
What were Marie Antoinette's last words?
As Marie Antoinette ascended the stairs to the scaffold, she accidentally trod on the foot of her executioner. A lady to the very end, she apologized to him; her final words were “I did not do it on purpose.” The former queen of France lost her head at 15 minutes past midday. Marie Antoinette's death was now complete.
Why is Marie Antoinette important to the French Revolution?
Marie Antoinette helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792.

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