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Adolf Hitler

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Nazi Ideology Strength and Weaknesses

Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany


World War II

Words: 1136 (5 pages)

Nazi ideology had a massive impact on the German people in the years from 1933-39. All aspects of the Germans where influenced by the Nazi ideology (culturally, socially and economical). Nazi ideology affected mostly the younger generation of Germans, as it was easier to manipulate them through school and youth groups. In addition, Nazi leaders…

Why Was There So Little Resistance To Hitler’s Rule Within?

Adolf Hitler


Words: 1956 (8 pages)

Throughout history it seems that human nature is to rebel, fight, resist. We are never ready to accept impositions, restrictions, changes, oppression; never without a fight. It is as if a part of us recognizes that it will cease to be, a part of us drives our will into acting. Yet during Hitler’s rule resistance’s…

Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler

Words: 446 (2 pages)

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in a small Austrian village called Braunau-am-Inn. Adlof was born a sickly child, his mother, Klara, watched over him night and day. Klara Hitler protected young Adolf from her short-tempered husband, Alois. Adolf grew into a thin, dark-haired, blue-eyed boy with an angular face (Twisted 63). At…

Hitler’s Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler

Words: 899 (4 pages)

Adolf Hitler, Austrian-born German politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party gained victory as the Fuhrer (Combination of Chancellor and President) only 10 years after the Munich Putsch of 1923. Many factors contributed to his rise to power within this period. Factors include his charismatic personality, key individuals and groups, President Paul…

Triumph of the Will

Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany


Words: 1714 (7 pages)

Propaganda: “The systemic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause; materials disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause. ” American Heritage Dictionary| The 1930s and 1940s, which saw the rise of totalitarian states and the Second…

Role of the Rise to Power of Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Words: 2108 (9 pages)

Assess the role of each of the following in the rise to power of Hitler: ideological appeal; underestimation by opponents; propaganda. The historical debate surrounding the causal factors of the rise of the Nazi state in Germany by 1933 is fierce. Marxist historians, emphasising the idea that Nazism was no more than capitalism’s most extreme…

A Comparison of Hitler and Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Joseph Stalin

Words: 1043 (5 pages)

A Comparison of Hitler and Stalin Angelica Calvillo HIS 306: Twentieth-Century Europe April 26, 2010 Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union are two controversial regimes. Hitler and Stalin were both Dictators of the countries they ruled. When Hitler and Stalin are compared, we can clearly see that each one of them were…

Adolf Hitler to Machiavelli’s “The Prince”

Adolf Hitler


Words: 1624 (7 pages)

When Machiavelli wrote “The Prince” In the sass’s, his Intentions did not apply to the twentieth century. Some very important figures of the twentieth century used basic ideals from “The Prince” to obtain and maintain their position in power. One of these Individuals was Doll Hitler. Hitler used numerous Machiavellian ideas to win his respective…

Compare and contrast the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Joseph Stalin

Words: 766 (4 pages)

Dictatorship is when all three powers of the province ( judicial. executive. and legislative ) are controlled by one individual. This is what happened in the 20th century when Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin became the dictators of Germany and Russia. They were similar in many ways but had wholly different cardinal thoughts. Hitler was…

Biogrophy of German Politician – Adolph Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Words: 2145 (9 pages)

Many of the worlds most tyrannical leaders and dictators experienced childhood traumas; many of these catastrophic traumas affected their decisions throughout their lives. People wonder why Adolph Hitler did the appalling things he did. Many believe that it primarily resulted from his violent upbringing. However, it is more likely that it was a combination of…

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April 20, 1889, Braunau am Inn, Austria


April 30, 1945, Führerbunker, Berlin, Germany


Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who was the dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He rose to power as the leader of the Nazi Party, becoming the chancellor in 1933 and then assuming the title of Führer und Reichskanzler in 1934.


Mein Kampf 1925, Hitler's Secret Boo 191, Hitler's Table Talk 1945


Height: 5′ 9″

Spouse: Eva Braun (m. 1945–1945)

Parents: Alois Hitler, Klara Hitler

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What are Adolf Hitler's accomplishments?
His most amazing achievement was his uniting the great mass of the German (and Austrian) people behind him. Throughout his career his popularity was larger and deeper than the popularity of the National Socialist PartyNational Socialist PartyThe Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP), was a far-right political party in Germany active between 1920 and 1945, that created and supported the ideology of Nazism. › Nazi_PartyNazi Party . A great majority of Germans believed in him until the very end. Read More:
What was Adolf Hitler's real name?
Adolf Hitler was almost Adolf Schicklgruber. Or Adolf Hiedler. His father, Alois, was born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber and given her surname. Read More:
What was Hitler's main ambition?
Hitler had an overriding ambition for territorial expansion, which was largely driven by his desire to reunify the German peoples and his pursuit of Lebensraum, “living space” that would enable Germans to become economically self-sufficient and militarily secure. Read More:

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