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James Gadsden and His Purchase

American History

Words: 3442 (14 pages)

The Gadsden Purchase of 1853 is one of the most monumental land purchases in United States history. In basic terms, the Gadsden Purchase was an area of land that was acquired by the United States from Mexico in order to build a railway for the transportation of goods in the South from East to West…

Dred Scott Case in American History

American History

Words: 415 (2 pages)

The landmark case of the 1850s in which the Supreme Court of the United States declared that African Americans were not U.S. citizens. The Court also determined that the portion of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 that banned slavery in U.S. territories north and west of the state of Missouri was unconstitutional. Officially titled Scott…

The Donner party 1840s

American History

Words: 2062 (9 pages)

The Donner party             The donor party was an 1840s incident or a situation whereby Californian bound emigrants found themselves in a middle of snow in Sierra Nevada during the winter that lasted from 1846 to1847. The proposed journey was destined to start at Springfield in Illinois something that indeed happened. The journey involved George…

Albany Campaign: Fight for African American Civil Rights

American History

Words: 773 (4 pages)

The years 1961-62 saw Albany become a key battlefield in the ongoing fight for African American Civil Rights in the USA. Following the arrest of the SNCC’s freedom riders there in December 1961, a local boycott of the bus station began. The boycott was backed by rallies and protest meetings and, following an address by…

Boston Tea Party in American History

American History

Words: 1345 (6 pages)

When the Boston Tea Party occurred on the evening of December 16,1773, it was the culmination of many years of bad feeling between the British government and her American colonies. The controversy between the two always seemed to hinge on the taxes, which Great Britain required for the upkeep of the American colonies. Starting in…

Sociological Analysis of Racism American History X

American History




Words: 2189 (9 pages)

A Breakdown of the Stages of Racism Racism being a common concern for most sociologists is somewhat inevitable and a cause for a large proportion of the problems that occur in the society. American History X (1998) is a film that tells a rather heartrending tale of two brothers that got caught in a ghastly…

The Red Scare in the 1920s

American History


Words: 445 (2 pages)

America may be famed for its Jazz Age and prohibition during the 1920’s, and for its economic strength before the Wall Street Crash, but a darker side existed. The KKK dominated the South and those who did not fit in found that they were facing the full force of the law. Those who supported un-American…

Black Elk Speaks: Autobiography and History of the Lakota People

American History

Words: 1574 (7 pages)

Black Elk Speaks Black Elk Speaks is an autobiography and a tribal history of Black Elk and the Lakota people. Throughout the book there are many elements of symbology such as important numbers, colors and animals. Most of the symbols are shown through Black Elk’s vision because this is the time where Black Elk is…

American History College Term Paper

American History



Words: 3160 (13 pages)

The movement had many causes, most notably the Depression of the 1 sass and the Populist movement In fact, a Kansas editor referred to Progressivism as “populism that had shaved its whiskers, washed its shirt, put on a derby, and moved up into the middle class. ” The Progressive Era, the years 1895-1920, was an…

Muller vs. Oregon: Supreme Court Cases

American History

Words: 1042 (5 pages)

Muller vs. Oregon Since its creation in the late 18th century, the Supreme Court has made numerous decisions that impacted the course of history. The Supreme Court has a very important job, to interpret the constitution principles and make decisions based on these important standards. Had it not been for the rulings made by this…

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