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Stressful Moment in My Life

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The mostly stressful moments I have experienced in my life is during my exam time. Exam stress is an unfortunate part of life as for me. When I am getting ready for exams often feel a lot of pressure, which can result in nervousness and anxiety. I feel a certain level of pressure due to the expectations of my family and also myself. To overcome this problem, I set up a S. M. A. R. T goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and linked to time frame) to manage my stress.

To achieve my specific goals, I plan for a schedule.

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Stressful Moment in My Life
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By referring to the schedule, I will having enough time for study and I will giving time to myself at least an hour a day to do my revision. So that I will having a refreshing mind while I am sitting for the exam. To achieve my second goals which is measurable, I will give myself a quiz to practice so that I can see my improvement in the making progress.

Thus, I can strengthen my weakness part and not feeling so stress during exam time. By achieving my attainable goals, I keep on trying the tough practicing like doing a lot of sample question online.

As a result, I can manage to pull up my grades in the exam. For achieving my relevant goals, I give myself a commitment to pass all my required course that I have taking. Therefore, I can move ahead in my major and get a good jobs in my future time. Besides that, to achieve my time frame goals, arrangement of time is important to me. So, I will arrange my own timetable for doing some question to get my grade point up by the end of the term. In order to set up a S. M. A. R.

T goals, I will also keep my body healthy by eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. So that, I wouldn’t feel anxiety during my exam time. Healthy eating brings a lot of benefits to us especially for those who are still studying like me. I always have a healthy eating style by following the ‘food pyramid’ that recommended by our government. Besides, I also try to reduce the higher usage of sugar and salt in my daily meals. It is essential to eliminate trans fats which can increase the risk of heart attack.

Then I have a healthy mind to think of answer in the exam. Not only by having a healthy eating habit, exercising is also important for us. Exercising can help us to alleviate stress, and improve our overall health and well being. I have a timetable for me to exercise. It is vital to take time off from studying in order to relax. I will go for jogging every evening to keep my body healthy. When our body is occupied, our mind will be free and we can brainstorm our new goals achievement.

In addition, lack of quality sleep also will affect us by increasing our nervousness during exam time. Not enough sleep will failure to participate in class can affect our exam preparedness, ability to learn, and our grades. So, it is important for us to have enough sleep. I had set a sleeping schedule, and do my best to get to bed and arise at roughly the same time each day. I also limit my consumption of alcohol and caffeine. So then I can sleep well at night and my brain can retain what I am studying.

Nowadays, I prefer listening to classical music, so that I can feel soothing and I wouldn’t feel so nervous before and during my exam time. It is because music is a calming influence to me. Through those several methods, I found that I had overcome my exam stress successfully. In a conclusion, having a healthy lifestyle will make a person full of energy and also preventing them from stress. Planning also important for one’s to achieve their goals especially for the intellectual. As said by Larry Elder, the radio talk show host: “A goal without a plan is just a wish. ”

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