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Momento the Movie Summary



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    Summary of the movie “Memento” The movie “Momento” staring Guy Pearce as Leonard was interesting as well as confusing in the same sense. The plot of the movie was recreated backwards to the way Leonard saw it and left many questionable gaps throughout. Leonard suffered a head injury because he went to go help his wife who was raped and murdered in their bathroom. The altercation with the murderer in his house caused his head trauma which resulted into him losing his short term memory.

    I believe his disorder is called Anterograde amnesia which causes people to lack in maintaining relationships, learning new things, and has no perception of time since they have no short term memory. This deficiently causes many to have a hard time coping with everyday tasks, but Leonard has developed a way to do so. He would take Polaroid pictures of people he encountered or objects and would write facts on the back of the pictures.

    When he came across facts that he believed to be extremely important he would get them tattooed on his body at “Emma’s Tattoo Place”. He did all this not just to live an ordinary life but to find his wife’s killer and get revenge. A man named John G aka “Teddy” was someone in a sense was helping Leonard find the killer. Teddy knew of Leonard’s memory disorder and used it to his advantage by trying to set other people up that Leonard would kill.

    When Leonard would talk about “Sammy” he believed he was a man that went to an institution due to killing his wife by over dosing her on her diabetes medication. Leonard never realized that he was Sammy and caused his wife’s own death due to never remembering if he gave it to her or not and over doing it. Like I said in the beginning this was a confusing movie and I would have to watch it again to really understand it.

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