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Geology of the Rocky Mountains


Words: 2624 (11 pages)

Geology of the Rocky Mountains During the tertiary period, the Rocky Mountains were gradually uplifted several thousand feet, attaining, probably, a greater height than they at present possess. Out of the water have been heaved the Andes, the backbone of South America, the Alps, and the Himalayas, the mighty crests of Europe and Asia; lakes…

Climbing Mountains to Provide Healthcare

Health Care


Words: 1211 (5 pages)

Climbing Mountains to Provide Healthcare Part I It is a privilege for me to share my life calling with Paul Farmer, a doctor who had been raised by a low socioeconomic class family, but who nevertheless made it to Duke University and Harvard University in search for a cure for all that are diseased (Kidder). …

Across a Hundred Mountains Characters

Character Analysis


Words: 579 (3 pages)

Juana: A 12 years old girl with black hair, she was thin, very innocent, poor, aggressive and honest. She had a hard life and always felt guilty of the death of her little sister. Her purpose was to find her father in “El otro Lado”. She is the main character of this book and she…

Mount Pinatubo: A Long Kept Fury Unleashed



Words: 1908 (8 pages)

Mount Pinatubo located on the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales, Philippines has erupted on the 15th of June 1991. With the arrival of Storm Yunya, the impacts of the eruption worsen as the lahar rushes down the lowlands. Villages near the foot of Pinatubo were buried. Forests and agri-lands were devastated. Americans destined in…

The Beach vs the Mountains


Words: 947 (4 pages)

When looking to embark on a vacation there are many options but the most common two are typically the mountains and the beach. Both of these vacationing spots offer a large variety of activities. The beach offers things that the mountains cannot and visa versa. The weather plays a factor along with the time of…

Across a Hundred Mountains


Words: 1052 (5 pages)

In Across a Hundred Mountains Adelina started her journey to the other side. She had gone to the train station where she sold quesadillas with Dona Martina. When she sat down she noticed that in front of her there was a man and a young girl talking about leaving to the other side. The girl…

Mountains are the Most Relaxing Place on Earth


Words: 438 (2 pages)

Stress is a dangerous thing many people deal with on a daily basis. Some people like a quiet place to relax, while others enjoy being in the hustle and bustle of a crowded place. I always go to the mountains to relax. As soon as I walk outside, I immediately begin to calm down. Just…

Why Volcanos Erupt



Words: 312 (2 pages)

Once upon a time, very long ago, there was a terrible flood, and the world was in danger. Almost all people lost their homes, and were in search for new places to live. A man named Chucky, and his followers came to and unknown land, in search of housing. There they discovered a long range…

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