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France The Land Of Franks





Words: 1059 (5 pages)

In today’s world culture is becoming more relevant as more areas become multicultural. The basic understanding of cultures outside of ones own has become imperative. In a multicultural society the basic understanding of other cultures is beneficial to all parties involved. The understanding of culture can display a sign of respect and open doors to…

Why the Us Should Have Dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan

Atomic Bomb


Nuclear Power

Nuclear weapon

Words: 1625 (7 pages)

Should the USA have used the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945? 1945 began as a year of increasing tensions between countries as the war extended onto its sixth year. Military groups of the various countries involved were now beginning to seriously consider the conclusion of the war in terms of how the global ceasefire…

Kelly’s Assignment in Japan: Case Report




Words: 1509 (7 pages)

Kelly ends up accepting the job offer and moves to Tokyo with her family. Once there, Kelly encounters a few difficulties with the Japanese at work. The Japanese delay getting Kelly their presentations, don’t look her in the eye, and often seem embarrassed around her. When the day of presenting her proposal to the client…

Silver Mining in Japan and the Colonization of the Americas


Words: 897 (4 pages)

The colonization of the Americas by Spain and the beginning of a widespread silver mining in Japan had a major impact on silver production, greatly increasing it. However, this increase in silver supply seemed good to some people, but overall caused many problems. Suppliers such as Japan and Spain, and receivers such as Ming China,…

Essay – Three Wishes



Words: 854 (4 pages)

Three wishes are upon me and three wishes are my lead into achieve what I want. These wishes can or cannot grant what I want but they will surely help me think what the most important things in my life are. I got these three wishes for my great personality and my positiveness. I have…

“Ben & Jerry’s – Japan” Assignment


Words: 893 (4 pages)

Ken Yamada was a third generation Japanese American from Hawaii, with his excellent marketing skills and knowledge of the Japanese market and consumers he had successfully introduced Domino’s Pizza chain in Japan. Mr. Yamada would position the brand, form and executive an entry strategy, and will take care of marketing and distribution for Ben and…

Unsuccessful American Business Ventures in Japan




Words: 927 (4 pages)

Unsuccessful Companies Expanding internationally can be a profitable venture, and it can be the first business of its kind in an international market. Although there have been success stories of big companies expanding internationally, there are also companies that failed. When expanding internationally it is important to consider the external factors. These external factors include…

Electronics Business Sharp



Joint venture


Words: 895 (4 pages)

Sharp was a electronics business that focused on 3 major categories including: audio-visual and communicative equipment, health and environment equipment, and information equipment. The heart of Sharp’s efforts came from their desire to create products whose features were one of a kind and could not be replicated (Lindbergh, 2011). Among one of Sharp’s biggest strengths…

Bushido: Japan Warrior Code


Words: 541 (3 pages)

grave set Kira’s head before it, thus declaring their Lord’s honour redeemed. The Shogun was deeply impressed with the loyalty demonstrated by the 47 ronin. While sympathetic to their heroic act, however, Tsunayoshi ordered Oishi and 45 of his men to execute themselves as honoured warriors, sparing the youngest of the ronin. Oishi and the…

The Sea of Japan and the North Pacific Ocean


Words: 2116 (9 pages)

International tourism is a vital component to every country. It contributes to their economic, social, cultural, and educational status. Japan happens to offer a ton when it comes to tourism. Since Japan is comprised of many different climatic regions, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Otaku culture, culinary tourism, and high end fashion and electronics shopping, many…

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What is Japan famous for?
Japan is known worldwide for its traditional arts, including tea ceremonies, calligraphy and flower arranging. The country has a legacy of distinctive gardens, sculpture and poetry. Japan is home to more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the birthplace of sushi, one of its most famous.
What is amazing about Japan?
Japan's art, architecture, design, film, dance, and crafts — not to mention pop culture (including anime, manga, and video games — are reason enough to visit Japan, and are today as much a part of the “real” Japan as its traditional culture.
Why Japan is the best country?
Japan's rise in the Best Countries report is due in large part to how highly regarded it is for its sense of entrepreneurship, the most heavily weighted component of the Best Countries rankings. The country ranks at the top of that metric, and also is considered the most forward-looking country in the world.
Why do I want to live and work in Japan?
One of the main reasons why we want to live and work here is to earn money and learn Japanese culture and language. ... I love the four seasons, beautiful cities, very polite, kind, and helpful people, low crime rate, and delicious foods are enough reasons to stay, work hard, and enjoy Japan for a while.

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