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My Educational and Career Goals

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    This is to express my intent to pursue Ph.D in Data sciences at Harrisburg University of Science and technology for the summer 2019 cohort. My research interests include unstructured data analysis, natural language processing and human centric design. I am a current student at HU pursuing MS in Analytics and expected to graduate in June 2019. At HU I got opportunity to take courses related Sentiment Analysis, categorical data analysis, mixed effects modeling. Also, as a data and information systems consultant, I work with lot of structured and unstructured data daily. Courses I have completed at HU helped me a lot in my carrier to improve upon and apply new skills. This got me to think about pursuing an advanced degree in the data science domain. Specifically. I want to do research to apply machine learning and data science pipeline/methodologies in HR domain that deals with people analytics, financial analytics, knowledge base access and modeling, regulatory information accessing using chatbots, automate audit processing using ML techniques etc. Currently, there are various proven models and techniques in NLP that can be applied to Human resources. As a doctoral candidate I want to investigate thoroughly about the viability of these NLP techniques in creating intelligent HR applications.

    Regarding my experience, I have over 4 years of experience as information Systems Analyst in Human Resources Domain. As a Systems Analyst I have developed process map and data flow model to track the inbound/outbound movement of the data, data migration from legacy system to new production system, developed reports and dashboards for leadership to assess their monthly and Quarterly SLOs, administered and maintained information systems, implemented data and configuration for new information system as per service level agreement, developed parallel processes between new single system and multiple legacy systems for regression and data quality check. To further my carrier in data analytics, I have also completed a data science certification. I strongly believe that pursuing Ph.D in Data sciences from Harrisburg University helps to further my educational and career goals.

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