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My Future Goals Essay

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  • Pages 2
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    It was my turn to have a meeting with the career counsellor at my school. I was in grade X at that time and went in to meet her. Before she could even start, I blurted out, “Please do not tell me to become an engineer or a doctor. There is only one thing I want to do and that is, to start and run my own business”. She looked up with a surprised look and asked me how I knew what she was about to say. My reply was that I only knew and was certain about what I wanted to do. I told her about how I loved reading about, listening to and conversing with people who talked about their own business, marketing or any other new ideas. Thus, I began my journey to becoming another leader who would contribute to social welfare and self-growth.

    To start with I took up commerce in senior school and went on to an under-graduation in a Bachelors of Management Studies from Mumbai University with finance as my main specialization because I wanted to study the concept of time, money, risk and even how people were generating so much with investments in different financial instruments. While studying finance I realized the importance of Marketing in Finance. Because the finance instruments can a

    Marketing is an art of selling and an invisible force that makes a product stand out and eventually sell in the market.

    From the last decade marketing communications as completely revolutionized and has been giving people new opportunities and helping identifying the market.

    At present, I’m really keen on expanding my marketing skills by doing the Schulich MMKG degree.

    I see myself working for a corporate firm for a few years, gaining experience and then having a business of my own. I want to become a manager or a leader who could make decisions in an uncertain environment. The Master of Marketing program would help us take up modern marketing roles. It would help me understand the consumer theory in detail and could help me sell anything in the market at easy knowing all the correct methods and algorithm.

    It would be a great way to learn new understandings of digital marketing and networking strategies.

    The degree would help me make my place at a good corporate house where I could learn and also help me apply my experience and studies in my own business.

    It would be a great way to learn new understandings of digital marketing and networking strategies.

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