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Noise Pollution Problem

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Noise pollution

Traffic related noise pollution accounts for nearly two-third of the total noise pollution in an
urban area. Noise, a by product of urbanization, industrialization and motorization, is increasingly recognized
as an environmental nuisance that effects human health and wellbeing. Traffic noise on existing urban roadways
lowers the quality of life and property values for persons residing near these urban corridors
Surat is now the tenth largest city of India having an estimated population of 40 lakhs plus at present. An
inconceivable population growth rate of 76.

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Noise Pollution Problem
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02 % was observed in the last decade as a result of rapid
industrialization. Surat is well known as diamond city and is also famous for silk and jari industry. Owing to
its rapid industrialization and better job opportunities, observation is made for the migration from all over
India and particularly from Orissa, U.P., M.P., Bihar and Rajasthan.
Due to explosion of population and rapid industrialization the transportation in the city increased to unimaginary
heights, but due to the want of efficient Mass Transit System, individual vehicular growth also
touched escalating heights. As on 31-12-2006, the vehicles registered at R.T.O. is 13 lakhs plus. This is
equivalent to the highest growth rate of Delhi. Thus the explosion of population, rapid industrialization and
highest growth rate in vehicle population made the traffic problems complicated.
This research paper highlights the noise pollution study carried out on three of the busiest urban corridors of
Surat city.
Due to urbanization, there is a huge increase in the vehicular population on the urban corridors. In India,
transportation demand in urban areas continues to increase rapidly as a result of both population growth and
changes in travel patterns. During the first decade of the 21st century only, the urban areas in the country
confront a historic transportation crisis that has become a planning war against.

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