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Essays on Postcolonialism

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The Ambiguity of Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre


Words: 1023 (5 pages)

In Jane Eyre, Rochester’s mad Creole wife Bertha Mason is described as nothing less than a creature of sorts; a human-like existence, but, as it appears in Jane’s narration, bereft of all humanity. That is to say, the humanity as defined by the European standards which Jane and Rochester represents. The sounds Bertha produces –…

Hybridity (Literary Theory)



Words: 1721 (7 pages)

Hybridity (Literary Theory) Introduction Many academicians perceive “hybridity” as a concept interrelated in the era of post-colonialism. Accordingly, scholars of the 19th century are influenced by the ideas justifying colonialism; interrelating multicultural concepts as a result of interrelationship between the colonist and the colonized in a colony. On the other hand, literary theory on hybridity…

The Novel Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga



Words: 1434 (6 pages)

The nervous condition In the novel Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga, the character Nyasha aptly describes the quandary that is postcolonial identity. “It would be a marvelous opportunity, she said sarcastically, to forget. To forget who you were, what you were and why you were that. The process, she said, was called assimilation, and that…

Technical Terms in Original Scripts



Words: 9599 (39 pages)

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies UC Los Angeles Title: Philippine Historiography and Colonial Discourse: Eight Selected Essays on Postcolonial Studies in the Philippines (An Introduction to the Japanese Translation) by Yoshiko Nagano (translated into English by Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes) Author: Yoneno-Reyes, Michiyo Publication Date: 06-07-2007 Series: Occasional Papers Publication Info: Occasional Papers, UCLA Center for…

The Definition and Development of Post Colonialism



Words: 1944 (8 pages)

Post-Colonialism: Definition, Development and Examples from India 1. Post-colonialism in general 1. 1 Definition Post-colonialism is an intellectual direction (sometimes also called an “era” or the “post-colonial theory”) that exists since around the middle of the 20th century. It developed from and mainly refers to the time after colonialism. The post-colonial direction was created as…

Literature Analysis of “Gebusi” by Knauft



Words: 686 (3 pages)

The Gebusi, written by Knauft, was written with the intention of sharing the author’s discoveries during his stay with and study of the Gebusi people in Papua New Guinea. Starting in the early 1980’s, he traveled to Papua New Guinea and lived with the Gebusi people. At that time, they were still in their traditional…

Effects of the legacies of colonialism on women’s work



Words: 1789 (8 pages)

One of the most notable vestiges of colonialism in third world countries has been its effect on the life of indigenous women in the former colonies. Whole new ways of doing things were transported from Europe and foisted on third world countries by various ways and means. The social and religious tenets of Europe, which…

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