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Postcolonialism and Canada: A Readingof Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing and Alias Grace


Words: 4372 (18 pages)

Historians, literary critics, and social scientists use the idea of post colonialism to examine the ways, both subtle and obvious, in which colonization affects the colonized society. Notwithstanding different time periods, different events and different effects that they consider, all postcolonial theorists and theory admit that colonialism continues to affect the former colonies after political…

Colonialism, Imperialism, Development and Human rights



Human Rights


Words: 963 (4 pages)

Colonialism, Imperialism, Development and Human rights             Colonialism and imperialism which have been practiced by certain powers in the world have brought about both positive and negative impacts to some countries. Colonialism is a historical event which dates back to as early as the seventeenth century when many western countries developed a great interest to…

Historiography of Witchcraft in Europe and Colonial America




Words: 2555 (11 pages)

Historiography Essay of Witchcraft in Europe and Colonial America Introduction Witchcraft refers to the use of some type of magical or supernatural powers with an intention of causing pain or damage to members of a society or on their possessions. Different communities however argue that there is good witchcraft and bad witchcraft whereby the good…

The Slave Trade in Colonial Charleston, South Carolina



Words: 2727 (11 pages)

The ways and reasons in which the slave trade in colonial Charleston, South Carolina was so relevant are surprisingly interesting. The slave trade was important economically and capitalistically speaking: the economy highly depended on the slave trade and was literally dominated by it in some states. Besides the economy, other reasons of its importance were…

The Negative Effects of Colonialism


Words: 1077 (5 pages)

The Negative Effects of Colonialism The colonial period showed significant changes in the many countries worldwide. The European breakthrough in controlling industrialization and forced imposition of dominance and colonialism has made China, for example, experience a shift from modernizing dynamism to social crises and regime instability. Africa has also suffered from this kind of system….

Literary Analysis of the Surrounded


Cultural Assimilation




United States

Words: 1682 (7 pages)

Literary Analysis of the Surrounded             One of the first Native American novelists, D’Arcy McNickle is also regarded as one of the best. His realistic fiction depicts the hard lives of rural Americans on reservations, farms, and ranches during the Great depression of the 1930s. His sensitive stories detailing the consequences of Euro-American ethnocentrism neither…

Regional Differences in Colonial American Culture

American Culture


Words: 919 (4 pages)

Though eventually drawn together by a common animosity toward the parent British Empire, the original thirteen U.S. colonies had relatively little in common culturally. In fact, regional differences in culture were quite pronounced. In examining the cultures of Plymouth/Massachusetts Bay Colony, New York Colony, and South Carolina colonies it is clear that while they may…

Colonial Legacy of Latin America



Words: 426 (2 pages)

            There is a colonial legacy left behind from past days which Latin Americans must deal with.   One of the earliest questions that Skidmore, Professor of History and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Brown University, poses to his readers in “Brazil: Five Centuries of Change” concerns nation building. How is it…

Tools of exploitation analysis




Words: 932 (4 pages)

The film/documentary, titled Tools of Exploitation, chronicles, analyzes and explains Western civilizations influence on African culture/livelihood throughout the period of colonialism (the film covers the slave trade for a brief moment as well) leading to the modern day. Narrated by scholar/author Ali Mazrui, the film focuses on the usurping of Africa’s future potential due to…

Postcolonial Ireland: Rural Fundamentalism and Industrialization



Words: 1992 (8 pages)

The purpose of this essay is to ask, when Ireland began to industrialise in the 1960s and the 1970s why it mainly occurred in the west. This essay will discuss postcolonial Ireland (1920s-1960s). It will define rural fundamentalism and how it informed social and economic policies in Ireland, it will focus on how poverty, emigration…

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