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Comments on “The Discourse of Others: Feminists and Postmodernism”



Words: 815 (4 pages)

Comments on “The Discourse of Others: Feminists and Postmodernism” by Craig Owens In this 1983 essay, Owens displays an admirable grasp of postmodernism and feminism and their confluence in the visual arts. He combines the most advanced theories and theorizings of the time – Fredric Jameson, French “post-structuralists” and French feminists, Freud and Lacan –…



Words: 902 (4 pages)

The postmodern status can bee seen and experienced in our everyady lives. Anything from the decor of a room, to societal and economical displacements can be, and are, decribed as postmodern. While modernism looks beyond stuff truth and hunts for abstract truth, postmodernism sees no abstract or cosmopolitan truth. It attempts to overthrow the distincton…

Fear and Loathing Postmodernism


Words: 481 (2 pages)

Specifically, postmodernism refutes such concepts as reality, the ability to reach perfection, absolute truth, the structures of capitalism, ideals represented within popular culture, political values and other core incepts related to the structures of American culture. The concept is often criticized as a truism for its ambiguity in its very definition. Ironically, ambiguity in relation…

Modernism and postmodernism in graphic design

Graphic Design


Words: 5989 (24 pages)

 Modern and postmodern style in graphic designThe art of graphic design is considered a form of communication where the subject and the object where able to send message visually, that is by using text and/or images to present information or to simplify, to convey a message. It embraces a wide range of cognitive skills and…

Postmodernism Research Paper In recent years


Words: 1247 (5 pages)

Postmodernism Essay, Research Paper In recent old ages, multiculturalism, tolerance and political rightness have been integrated into how American society thinks. America seems to be seeking to larn more about the ingredients of her thaw pot. These attempts can be best understood by analyzing post-modernism. Post-modernism is particularly of import to interrupting down stereotypes such…

Postmodernism and Film



Words: 2001 (9 pages)

This chapter will demonstrate the ways in which Jean Baudrillard’s and Fredric Jameson’s accounts of the postmodern have had a significant impact on the field of film studies, affecting both film theory and history. The most influential aspects of each theorist’s work are outlined in the first two sections. The first section focuses on two…

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