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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso Girl Before a Mirror

Girl Before a Mirror shows Picasso’s young mistress Marie-Therese Walter, one of his favorite subjects in the early 1930s. Her white-haloed profile, rendered in a smooth lavender pink, appears serene. But it merges with a more roughly painted, frontal view of her face—a crescent, like the moon, yet intensely yellow, like the sun, and “made …

Who is Pablo Picasso

Some say he was superstitious, sarcastic, awful towards his children, and horrible to women. He could very well have been all those things, but one thing I know Pablo Picasso was a great artist. He is one of the fathers of cubism, he had an audience of at least tens of millions. No other painter …

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Pablo Picasso

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Georges Braque And Pablo Picasso

The Frenchman Georges Braque ( 1882-1963 ) and the Spaniard Pablo Picasso ( 1881-1973 ) are considered the most influential creative persons of the 20th century and the artistic masterminds who created and developed the cubist motion. doubtless the most radical one in Western art. During a certain period of clip. both creative persons worked …

The Guitar Player by Pablo Picasso

The primary subject matter of abstract painting is the experience of perceiving the painting itself. An observer is not required to go deep in the analysis of its context or its extraneous significance—social, historical, political, cultural and so on. Rather, the observer is merely required to engage the entire visual narrative equipped only with one’s …

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