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Georges Seurat: “Pointillism-Paintings, Topics and Theory Color”


Words: 4355 (18 pages)

Biography of Artist Georges Seurat was the inventor and acknowledged leader of Neo-Impressionism. He considered his large-figure, programmatic Neo-Impressionist compositions such as “Bathers at Asnières,” “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” “Models,” “Circus Sideshow,” “Le Chahut” and “Circus” his masterworks and the fullest expressions of the new aesthetic. Born into a…

Disrespect in Are Asher Lev’ s Paintings


Words: 1641 (7 pages)

Are Asher Lev’ s Paintings Disrespectful To His Parents? Essay, Research Paper Are Asher ’ s pictures of the Cruxifixion an ultimate act of disrespect towards his parents? Asher Lev pigments against the values of his household and community. He disregards Judaic traditions and observation by prosecuting his passion for art. His individualism has him…

Mark Rothko and His Painting “White Center”


Words: 1321 (6 pages)

MUSEUM PAPER MARK ROTHKO AND HIS PAINTING “WHITE CENTER” Mark Rothko’s painting “White Center” is a breathtaking abstract painting I saw at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LACMA). Rothko painted this 84 x 72-inch oil on canvas work in 1957. The painting is done in his signature style of using color and form-floating…

Descriptive Analysis of Chuck Close’ Grid Technique in “Lucas II” Painting


Words: 383 (2 pages)

Chuck Close is one of the famous original American photorealists. The photorealism technique as reflected to one of his famed paintings “Lucas II” has been developed as an initial action in contrast to the usual well-known abstract expressionism technique in his time. The photorealism technique based the output from a photograph or as captured from…

Development and Variety of Mughal Painting


Words: 5056 (21 pages)

Mughal painting was rich in variety and included portraits, events and scenes from court life, wild life and hunting scenes, and illustrations of battles. Development Mughal painting developed and flourished during the reigns of Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Mughal painting reflects an exclusive combination of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles. As the name suggests,…

Pest Analysis of Paint Industry in India




Words: 1971 (8 pages)

PEST ANALYSIS The pest analysis refers to four main factors: POLITICAL ECONOMICAL SOCIAL TECHNOLOGICAL The analysis will focus towards the industry that how the political stability, rules and regulation, and the legal system of the country affecting the overall industry. The economic condition, liberalization, policy toward foreign investment, and growth rate of the economy as…

Indian School of Paintings



Words: 2114 (9 pages)

JAIN SCHOOL OF PAINTING We find Jain style in the four paintings of Jins (Jain Gods) in the Sittanvasala caves in 700A. D. The oldest examples of this school are the paintings of parshwa-Nath, Nemi-Nath and Rish-Nath etc, 20 Tirthankars in “KalKacharya Katha” and “Kalpa Sutra”. Most of the Jain paintings were done Black &…

Analysis of Monet’s Painting Technique


Words: 1339 (6 pages)

Monet’s use of color along with use of intricate brush strokes and compositionis outstanding. The vast variations of brush strokes and color placementtechniques are what make his work so unique and individual. Grand Canal, Venice,1908 is a prime example of Monet’s talents in these areas. The structure of thepainting is very loose. There are few…

Comparison and Contrast of Two Paintings


Words: 1252 (6 pages)

Comparison and Contrast of Two Paintings Jacob Jordaens and Hendrick Terbrugghen are two great artists of the Baroque period. Both of them excellently represent the art of their time, and both leave a mark to younger generations of painters and audience. However, if we try to compare the works of these two painters, one would…

“La Carte Postale” by Rene Magritte


Words: 1215 (5 pages)

This paper will discuss the painting “La Carte Postale” by Rene Magritte. It will compare and contract the primary relationships of focusing and scanning, position versus movement, organic versus geometric, high definition versus low definition and formal versus informal relationships as the basis for analysis. “La Carte Postale” is a formal painting with a strong…

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