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Premarital Sex – Argumentative

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                                           An Argumentative Essay On Premarital Sex

Reconciling the diverse opinions on the issue of premarital sex is not a task that be achieved without engaging in a critical analytical reasoning. To a great extent, the disparity in views on premarital sex is a function of the different cultures and moral templates of people across the globe. However the controversy on premarital sex can be simplified into a single question, which is thus, is premarital sex morally justified or not? A vice or a virtue?

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Premarital Sex – Argumentative
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The pleasure involved in the subject has not helped those who indulge in it to give an unbiased view about it.

The fun derived in sex has not only obscured the truth about sex, it has also redefined the divine purpose of sex. Theologically, God purpose of creating sex is to consummate a man and woman in a solemn wedlock. The Bible says any sex outside wedlock is a sin…”You shall not commit adultery” (Mathew5, 27). The book holy of the Muslims, the Holy Quran also prohibits premarital sex.

It preaches chastity in women….”Should be chaste and not committing illegal sex, nor taking boyfriend”. (Quran 4, 25 Yussuf Ali’s English Interpretation). The two major religions in the world explicitly state sex as ordained by God as a sacred practice between man and woman in holy matrimony.

Apart from the theological argument, socially too, premarital sex is not good. The reasons for this claim are many. One that readily comes to mind is the teenage pregnancy which keeps increasing in an alarming rate. We all know that without premarital sex, there can not be pregnancy in our adolescent. Teenagers ordinarily suffering from juvenile delinquency have chosen to escalated sex. The adults have not also helped these youths, with the immoral sexual scenes in movies and magazines which are circulated world wide. Even advertisements without sex appeal are considered as outdated. This has brought about the much talked about moral decadence in our society at large. Hence premarital sex is invariably the genesis of our societal depreciation.

Again, this subject yet leads to other controversial issues such as abortion. Almost 50% of pregnant woman have been stated to have contemplated abortion at least once in a lifetime. The decision of whether to keep an unwanted baby or opt for abortion is greatly dependent on readiness of the two expectant parents. Mostly in the third world countries, especially in Africa, when poverty is predominant, teenagers opt for quack doctors due to their low fees for abortion. This has led to my complications such as destroying of the patient’s womb, which may mean that the patient will never be able to conceive again, or worse still, it may lead to death.

Finally, many young ladies with bright futures and brilliant plans have been forced to jettison their plans and careers due to unwanted pregnancy, which comes at the prime of their careers. Careers that could have projected them to the level of making history in their chosen careers.

The complications of unwanted pregnancy also have psychological aspects to it, the trauma of a teenager keeping her pregnancy from her strict parents and her gossiping peers, to the fear of the general condemnation of the victim by the society. I believe all will readily agree with me that all these complications can simply be prevented by keeping once chastity, avoiding the one moment’s pleasure of premarital sex that could lead to several moments of hardship thereafter. With all these reasons, I believe this essay rightly proved that premarital sex is bad and  should not be encouraged whatsoever.


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Premarital Sex – Argumentative. (2016, Jun 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/an-argumentative-essay-on-premarital-sex/

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