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Same Sex Families – Gay and Lesbian

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In this essay, I am going to discuss the rise of gay and lesbian families. I will examine the two stances on the debate on homosexual families. One being that that gay parenting is unnatural in which breaks the social norm and the other being that gay parenting is normal and should be credited the same as a heterosexual family.Notions of patriarchal kinship, procreation and gender have been socially constructed as well it has manifested from religious teaching such as the one of Abraham.

However such traditional structure of the family can be seen as being out-dated for today, gay families have become more acceptable within the neo-liberalism and postmodern world, in which the average family have developed into many different forms. In which has emerged with legalisations in which have been introduced in since the 20th century. Legalisations such as anti-discrimination act and legal gay adoptions have helped led to a rise of freedom and families of choice. In addition, there has been many literature and text written in which are targeted to homosexual parenting such as Stonewall’s guides for Gay Dads and for lesbians and how to get pregnant.

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Same Sex Families – Gay and Lesbian
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This shows that homosexual’s are supported and be seen to be accepted within culture today. For
society has now realised that the conventional family has developed into many alternative forms meaning that the “nuclear” family is no longer the common form of kinship. Kath Watson used the phase “families of choice” to describe an alternative kinship other than a biological family. It could be argued that gay and lesbian families have become more accepted within a ‘risk’ society in which promotes individualism. For peoples behaviour and attitudes to love have changed. Bauman’s uses the concept of “Liquid Love” to describe the freedom of intimate relationships. “Having melted all that was solid and profaned all that was sacred, modernity ushered in the era of permanent disharmony between wants and the abilities.” (The…

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