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The Good Earth

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Reaction to a Passage from The Good Earth earth


The Good Earth

Words: 446 (2 pages)

Reaction to a Significant Passage from The Good Earth “And O-lan in the house was not idle. With her own hands she lashed the mats to the rafters and took earth from the fields and mixed it with water and mended the walls of the house, and she built again the oven and filled the…

My Feelings After Reading Novel “The Good Earth”


The Good Earth

Words: 1198 (5 pages)

I was in a complete daze after reading Pearl S. Buck’s remarkable novel,The Good Earth. It was somewhat hard not to stop what I was doingafterwards and try to put myself in the characters’ shoes and visualizeeverything that happened in the book. I was so taken by the plot that Iremember not wanting to put…

Сharacters from Novel “The Good Earth”


The Good Earth

Words: 546 (3 pages)

Liu – He was the owner of a grain market and was tired to Wang Lung*sfamily to two marriages. Lotus – Wang Lungs second wife. He admired her for her beauty. Wang Lungs third son – He left to go and fight in the wars toward theend of the book. Old Mistress – She is…

Treatment of Women In Novel “The Good Earth”


The Good Earth

Words: 594 (3 pages)

In The Good Earth, Pearl S. Wang Lung, a poor peasant, buys a wife and experiences upward mobility during the peasants’ revolution. The story depicts key aspects of ancient Chinese culture, including the social order, the treatment of women, and the significance of family in daily life. The movie begins with a quote that conveys…

Frequently Asked Questions about The Good Earth

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What is the main idea of The Good Earth?
The overarching theme of The Good Earth is the nourishing power of the land. Throughout the novel, a connection to the land is associated with moral piety, good sense, respect for nature, and a strong work ethic, while alienation from the land is associated with decadence and corruption.
Why is The Good Earth called The Good Earth?
The novel is titled The Good Earth because the earth is good. Yep. Pretty simple. Everything in Wang Lung's life comes from the earth: the farmhouse, the oven, even the little earth gods.
Why was The Good Earth important?
The Good Earth broke symbolic literary ground. It became an instant bestseller in the United States, was translated into more than 30 languages and soon became an acclaimed Broadway play and motion picture.

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