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The weather underground

                                               “The weather underground”                                                            Introduction             As a result of the racial outrage that marked the US socio-economic and political disposition of the early years, a fact which was coupled by the international aggression and imperialism the US displayed over nations that did not dance to her socio-economic and political ideological tunes, many …

Underground Railroad

For hundreds of years people have referred to America as the land of freedom. A long time ago, that was not really the case. Before the Civil War, Americans were allowed to enslave blacks, foreigners, and criminals to do work for them. The northern states and Canada believed this was wrong, so slavery was abolished …

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Mainstream vs Underground

Rhea Benn Dennis Winston ENGL 002-08 October 9th, 2012 Music has became evident in the culture throughout the world. Divided by the mind of the listener, mainstream music and underground music can be seen as two completely different sub groups of music. This can be seen by their popularity, messages that are portrayed, creativity, as …

Existentialism in The Trial and Notes from the Underground

Existentialism in The Trial and Notes from the Underground   I stick my finger into the earth and it smells of wet mud. I stick my finger into existence and it smells of nothing, where am I, what is this called the world, who is that lured me here, how did I come into the world, why …

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