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Wave-Particle Duality

Atomic physics


Physical chemistry


Quantum mechanics



Words: 1543 (7 pages)

The study of the nature of light is an important research area in modern physics. Many, including the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, have contributed to theories involving light. Of these, the wave-particle duality is arguably the most strange and noteworthy concept in the field. Throughout history, some physicists have argued that light behaves as a…

Longitudinal and transverse waves

Chemical Engineering


Civil engineering

mechanical engineering




Words: 386 (2 pages)

Sound is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids as longitudinal waves, also called compression waves. Through solids, however, it can be transmitted as both longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Longitudinal sound waves are waves of alternating pressure deviations from the equilibrium pressure, causing local regions of compression and rarefaction, while transverse waves are waves of…

What are Seismic Waves


mechanical engineering




Words: 632 (3 pages)

What are seismic waves? Seismic waves are the waves of energy caused by breaking of rock within the earth or an explosion. These waves are the energy that travels through the earth and is recorded on seismographs. There are many different types of these waves, but the two main ones are the body waves that…

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