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I admire people who have many. many excessively legion as the stars in general. now I pick a few of the brightest stars for everyone to bask it!  In life people I most admire is my male parent. his esteem for a raging river, the river once more and once more with a strong side against the shore. because the male parents part to this house that I can non be compared comparing.

Although my male parent is non really smooth tegument, Shui-liang, but made with dark-coloured visible radiation. there is a brace of piercing eyes. can be separated from all the right and incorrect. and my male parent is of medium tallness, and my male parent is in my bosom really tall. tall and mighty with his organic structure for our household shelter, and my male parent behind in making a warm and harmonious household. and my male parent frequently travel merely to our household.

Dad made for us in this house I had so many unforgettable parts to the I individual I admire most at place female parent. although her female parent at place all twenty-four hours, but pay the most for place or my female parent, my female parent is so careless of who is good-humored, but merely Xiong Baba for me, which I besides understand that I do something incorrect because of the maltreatment, because the female parent is good to me. I deeply know that hapless parental love it! I know every female parent is hopeful. Wang Cheng-feng ah miss! So each of their kids all work hard and comfortable. and learn something good will refund their parents!

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