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Hold tip MM approximately h in. Above cupcake top at a 900 angle to cupcake surface. Squeeze out icing to form a star. Step 2 Without releasing pressure, raise tip slightly as you drop a line of icing around the star in a tight, complete rotation. Step 3 After completing the first rotation, move tip toward centre and up and around to make a second spiral around the inside edge Of the first spiral. Step 4 Release pressure to end spiral at centre of cupcake.

Covering Cupcake with Rolled Fondant Fondant gives your cupcakes a silky-smooth surface, perfect for displaying icing flowers, figure piping and other decorations. The formula for covering cupcakes or mini cakes completely with rolled fondant is the same as for covering cakes. Measure opposite sides and the top of cake (baked without baking cups) across the centre. Roll out fondant to that size, 1/8 in. Thick. For example, a standard 2 in. Wide cupcake, with two sides each 11/2 in. Gig, equals 5 in. Diameter. It is easier to cover a cupcake bottom side up. Steps Step 1 Prepare cupcake by lightly covering with buttercup icing. Roll out fondant 1/8 in. Thick to desired size. Step 3 Cover cupcake with fondant. Trim off excess fondant at base with spatula. Step 4 Smooth fondant around a tea cup Icing Cupcakes with a Spatula Covering the cupcake using buttercup with a spatula is the traditional way to ice cupcakes, neatly and quickly.

Place a dollop of icing at the centre of the cupcake. Step 2 Spread icing across the top, pushing toward the edges. For a smooth look, run the spatula edge across the top. For a fluffier look, lightly touch the iced surface with the spatula blade and lift up. Add Color or Flavor to Fondant Tint a small ball or enough fondant to cover a whole cake. As with any icing, tint colors at one time; matching colors later may be difficult.

Add just a little of the concentrated icing color at a time, until you arrive at the exact shade you want. Layoff’s rather not mix color yourself, use pre-tinted fondant in a variety of pastel, primary, neon and natural shades. Any type of flavoring can be used ? regular food flavors (vanilla, almond, etc. ) or candy flavorings. Candy flavorings are very concentrated and should only be added by drops. Flavor the fondant lightly so it does not detract from the flavor of the cake.

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