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Oh God I’m Gonna Dies



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    Grasping the narrow ledge and less than adequate hand-holds, I reflected on how I ended up here.Less than two hours ago I was overjoyed at the prospect of climbing myfirst real rock.I had climbed walls before and considered myself a good climber.I admittedly was not exceptional but neither did I believe I was terrible.I was confident that this endeavor would be simple.Not only did I believe I was up to the challenge but I looked forward to jeering any of my friends that had trouble. Thefirst obstacle was actually getting up to where the harnesses were passed out.I tensed as I viewed my path.It was three rock faces that came together forming various angles.The person ahead of me took a running start, leaped from thefirst to the second rock face, and then to the top with the agility of a tennis ball.My chest tightened watching him.I closed my eyes and held my breath.Although I displayed the grace of an ox, I did make it up… barely.I could feel the adrenaline pump through my body.My knees were shaking and I was sure I would fall off the mountain and die any moment now. My head was swimming and I found it hard to keep my balance.I fumbled with my harness.Once it was on, I double and triple checked to be sure it was properly attatched.Looking down into the valley below I started to sway even more and felt I would soon loose my balance.It had to be two or there hundred feet to the bottom of the valley.I sat down on what felt like loose gravel.I sipped some water and calmed down.The climbers all appeared to be having an easy time of it and although I was not quite yet ready to volunteer I felt confident I would not embarrass myself.I was naive. My turn soon came.Upon standing I felt dizzy and slightly nauseous.I staggered over to the rock face and attatched my cable.I stared up and gulped.It seemed much higher than it did sitting down.I lifted one foot and then the other…

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