Grain Waves and Chips Market

Before Grain Waves launched in 2008, there had never been a wholegrain chip in Australia, the market was saturated with more traditional potato or corn based snacks. Market research confirmed there was a clear opportunity to develop a wholegrain snack for the health conscious consumer. ( “The Grain Waves dream comes true on TV”, 2010 ) So The Smith’s Snackfood Company which was the leading player in Australian …show more content. The strong personality has brought benefit to Grain Waves. By the end of the initial launch phase, Grain Waves had achieved more than 8 per cent trial and enjoyed 25 per cent brand awareness.( “The Grain Waves dream comes true on TV”, 2010)

There are two aspects should be taken into consideration. Firstly, Grain Waves is a kind of crunchy chips which are a predominant part of the snack food market in English-speaking countries and numerous other Western nations. (Michman & Mazze, 1998) The Australia’s chips market generated total revenues of AU$605.5 million in 2010 which dominate the snack food market.  The snacking culture behind the consumption behaviour refers to the lifestyle, which is enjoyable of leisure time. People eat chips when they are holding party, watching TV or having a picnic. When choosing a snack, chips seem to be viewed as a “deserved binge”.(Michman & Mazze, 1998)

This has resulted in an expanding chips market. In addition, underlying consumer trends have continued to push the sweet and savoury snacks industry to invest in health-oriented lines. Ongoing growth in the incidence of obesity and overweight will threaten sales of sweet and savoury snacks during the forecast period.  There is likely to be ongoing negative publicity for the conventional potato chips industry, focusing on the high fat, calorie, flavouring and salt .

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