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Essay – Rouge Waves

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Rouge waves

Many kinds of ocean waves exist, but some of them huge waves. In fact all large waves are Rouge waves. Coastal landslides produce tidal waves whereas undersea earthquakes cause tsunamis. These can be considered as rouges which are predictable. Rouge waves are steeper than other waves. From 1990 onwards the sailors and scientists started to suspect the rogue ways that are responsible for many losses at sea. Rouge waves can be measured with the instrument known as Draupner Platform.

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Essay – Rouge Waves
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Rouge wages do not occur alone and it is followed with a sequence known as “Three Sisters”.

Rouge wave starts with one huge wave and followed with two huge waves. At present, the rouge waves are predictable. Rouge Waves are greater than twice the size of the significant wave heights and sometimes come from unexpected directions rather than prevailing waves.

Many Rouge Waves caused the sinking of vessels, large container ships and supertankers for past decades. Rogue waves are more common than anyone had expected.

The ERS satellite and other radar satellites can detect he gigantic rouge waves. ESA and ERS satellites helped to identify the Rouge Waves through synthetic aperture radar. Accordingly software also developed to detect rouge waves from radar images so that advance warning available to ships at sea.

The German Space Agency scientists are able to offer rouge-wave map with the advantage of satellites global coverage with the data gathered from European Space Agency satellites (ESA). Besides satellite data, small number of buoys/oil platforms collects the data about the rouge waves. But when high waves appear the wave-height sensors sometimes damaged.


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