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Essay about Myself

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  • Pages 4
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    A friend of mine asked me to write an essay about myself…. and I wondered that I did experience many writings but none of them were my own. Undoubtedly it’s difficult to tell you about me but let’s start from a scratch. I am Adeela Abbasi, born at Deena near Mangla in 1988. Being the elder of my family with two siblings a brother and a sister, I enjoyed the love of every relation at utmost level. My father belongs to a construction business and my mom is a house wife. Papa, having charismatic personality is the model of central devotion and dedication towards his family and mama is exemplary in her perfect communication and management skills.

    Fairly speaking, whenever I probe into their relationship and compatibility, I always praise ALLAH for being a perfect match maker. It is doubtless that I am endowed with a choicest blessing in form of them. My education is the priority not only for me but for my family as well. I did my Bachelors in Business administration and now I am student of MS Islamic Banking and Finance. The choices made by me in choosing my educational career are entirely mine. I can’t be constrained to do anything by violence. During studies I excelled in science and finance subjects.

    My family supported me strongly in every arena. I was groomed on golden ethical, moral and Islamic principles for which I really appreciate my parents, teachers and elder’s efforts. Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities and I am abundantly gifted with this i. e. courage to take initiative, to support the weak, to stand for rights of others etc. On the event of my bachelor’s farewell party my friends titled me as “Social Butterfly”. My social circle is very broad and that is because I have been experiencing a hostel life of long eight years.

    If someone ever comes to me with any problem, I always am at their service with some really easy, sensational and productive solution. But this arise a question that do the people annoy me? Yeah they really do. When you are a socially active and openhearted person, people use to take benefit of it that eventually wrecks your personal life or privacy. Still I really enjoy and lo3ve helping others. I had have best experiences during my hostel life that benefited me realize how much I am comforted and gratified by ALLAH.

    I am pleasant, considerate and affectionate person but do not usually jumps into the situation where someone doesn’t needs me. I am fond of cooking though my mother does not trust me especially when there are guests out there. According to her, she can’t experience my talent at the last moment. A really negative attribute of me is that I am bad in time management…really bad. For instance, when papa has to pick me up, he has to call at least 4 times before approaching me and still has to wait outside for several precious minutes to get his daughter ready to depart.

    I am a class representative and a favourite student of my teachers because of my shining grades- but always five minutes late in class. Perhaps I can’t wait to have lecture, so keep lecture waiting for me. But once I enter the room I am the best solemn student, finest listener and good participator of the class. To me, a responsible person should also be strict and straight in time management but I do have contradicting qualities. I am not a good time manager; as I told you earlier, but you will never hear someone calling me irresponsible.

    Reading books, hanging out with friends, walking at night, doing exercise and watching reasonable movies are in my best interests. I like everything and moment which I shared with my lovely pals. I got great sense of humour. I like to be happy and make others happy. The word used by my friends and family to describe my company is “refreshing”. Sometimes I get irritated on small things. I don’t like mess around me. I can never sleep before cleaning my room and if someone around me keeps it untidy that calls for my harshness. I usually handle problems and situations gently.

    The qualities that appeal me in someone’s personality are the patience, sensitive temperament, loving attitude, realistic, logical and optimistic approach. I am a compassionate person by nature. In my opinion, I should forgive people because one day I have to seek forgiveness. So basically I am securing myself for the fulfilment of that need. There is a lot more that is overwhelming and inexpressible. However, what I do is that I feel obliged to acknowledge ALLAH’s sanctification (beautification. blessing) for what I am at present and sturdily trust in him that I will be much more in future.

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